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Best Tips for Using a Reed Diffuser

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There are numerous approaches to creating the ideal ambience in our home. A single aroma has the power to change any space into a haven of relaxation, freshness, or comfort. Candles may be the first thing that springs to mind; however, there are other methods for creating a little additional atmosphere. Without a flame or plug-in, a reed diffuser is a terrific way to fill a room with enticing aromas. 
You can put a reed diffuser on your kitchen's windowsill so you can relish it first thing in the morning. Or you can put one in your bedroom to stay calm as you sleep. With the extra advantages of positioning freedom and peace of mind without a candle's flame, the aroma diffuser spreads your favourite scents.


What are Reed Diffusers?

Using reeds to distribute the scent of an oil, a reed diffuser combines oil with a fragrance-disseminating technique. At SHIORA, we are dedicated to creating a range of natural and pure aromatherapy creations to give you the sensory enjoyment and relaxation you can relish. The ingredients we use are thoughtfully curated with you in our minds so that we understand what you truly need.

Why Reed Diffusers are better?

Why Reed Diffusers are Better?

The lovely fragrance fills the room as the reeds absorb the oil and disperse the fragrance over their whole length. The porous nature of the reeds aids in regulating the rate at which the aroma is emitted. Increase the number of reeds you use to make the smell more noticeable in the space. Remove one or two reeds to decrease the scent. We advise replacing the reeds after some time because they might become soaked and clogged, affecting how well they function. Additionally, always use fresh reeds when using a new aroma.


How to Set Up Reed Diffusers

Using a reed diffuser at home is easy when you follow the below steps:

Step 1: Unpack Reed Diffuser Boxes

Use a cloth to open the lid of the reed diffuser bottles. Be careful not to spill or touch the oil inside, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Step 2: Place the Reeds in the Bottle

Place the rattan reeds carefully in the bottle. Anytime you want a scent boost, flip them. To catch oil droplets, perform the task over a sink or trash can. The oil will evaporate more quickly if you flip the reeds more frequently, so keep that in mind.

Step 3: Keep in a Safe Place

Ensure that pets, children, and anything else that could create a spill are out of the way of the diffuser. If you are concerned that oil spills will harm the surface, lay a placemat, tray, or coaster under it to absorb them.

Step 4: Wash the Jar

When you discover that the oil has all evaporated, wash the jar thoroughly with soap and water, then let it air dry. 

Read: Can You Refill Reed Diffusers and How-To to understand how much you need to clean your bottle if you want to refill your reed diffuser bottle.

Step 5: Replace the Reeds

Each time you change the oil, replace the reeds as well. Removing reeds regularly will help your aroma to be as potent as possible. Reeds collect dust and oil over time.

Step 6: Flip the Reeds

Flip the reeds once before you go and once more when you return home to make your house smell fresh, especially after going on a trip.


Reed diffusers Singapore are one of the best since they require little maintenance and are easy to use. You can quickly fill a space with your favourite scent in a short time.

How Many Reeds in a Diffuser Should I Put in?

Here are a few practical pieces of advice you should know before using reed diffusers.

Fewer sticks = Less scent

Use fewer sticks in tiny areas, such as bathrooms. The scents might be overwhelming in small spaces if you use too many sticks.

 What to know about before using reed diffusers?

What to Know Before Using Reed Diffusers

- Protect your surfaces and tables.

Best reed diffusers function when set up on a glass table or drink coaster, just like a glass of cold water can leave a mark on a wooden surface. The oils can leave a mark on wooden surfaces, so take caution when decorating them.

- For more scent, flip the sticks.

Simply flip the reed diffuser sticks to boost the aroma. Turn the diffuser reed sticks over a towel or cloth so no oil drips onto your table surface or on your hand.

- Reed diffusers replace ultrasonic diffusers.

A few aroma diffusers use essential oils; Ultrasonic diffusers, reed diffusers, and nebulizing diffusers. Among these, the reed diffuser is the most convenient because it does not need to be manually filled up like ultrasonic diffusers. Reed diffusers are a fantastic way to improve a space's aroma without the need to mix the oil with water. 

 How often should I change the reed?

How Often Should I Change the Reeds?

Change the reeds every two to three weeks for the smell to remain fresh. The dry ends are given a chance to absorb all the oil they can. At the same time, the bottom of the previously soaked reeds can emit a more pungent aroma immediately. Frequent reed turning won't extend their lifespan.

 Best place to put your reed diffusers

Best Place to Put a Reed Diffuser

It is advisable to place it in a heavy traffic area so that the reed diffuser recipe blends. And spreads the aroma around because of the movement in the room. And normal air movement will assist in circulating the aromas and throw off the fragrance. Avoid placing it next to HVAC systems or doors leading outside since these areas will cause the scent to evaporate faster. Also, avoid placing it close to a radiator as the heat from one can also cause the smell to fade more quickly.


Worst Place to Put a Reed Diffuser

Diffusers shouldn't be used on the carpet; instead, set them on a tray or protective cover if you must use them on a floor. Place them in a safe area away from traffic. Keep them in a convenient location where they won't tip over but are simple to access for refills and use.


Where to Buy Reed Diffuser in Singapore

Reed diffusers function in a highly efficient and straightforward manner. Reeds are submerged in a base liquid—also referred to as a carrier—that has been scented. The reeds' porous nature and numerous channels allow the blended oil to disperse the aroma throughout the air as it travels up the length of the reed. It's easy, and the outcome is a soothing aroma that gives the house a welcoming atmosphere.

If you're wondering where to buy reed diffuser sticks Singapore, visit Shiora. With a wide selection of scents and reed sticks, each of our blend has a potent amount of lovely home scent. For additional details regarding best reed diffuser Singapore and our exclusive selection of reed diffusers, visit our website collections!



Now that you know the best tips to use a reed diffuser, feel free to check out why a reed diffuser is the good customised gift you can give for any occasion.



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