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In this page, we will cover FAQ for Reed Diffuser, FAQ for Skinsafe Essential Oil Roll on, and FAQ for Essential Oil for Diffuser. (Scroll down to read)

What are Reed Diffusers and how do they work?

Reed diffusers are the best alternative to candles. Vibrant scents. No risk of fire. Reed diffusers have a wonderful aromatic scent while being flame-free. Absolutely no heat is needed. This makes them safe for classrooms, offices, nursing homes, homes.

Are Reed Diffusers environmentally friendly?

Reed diffusers are mostly eco-friendly if their containers are made of glass. Unlike candles, they don't leave a sooty or filmy residue on your furniture, walls, or ceiling. If you use candles in your house, you certainly know that you need to clean your ionic air cleaner twice as regularly. Unlike reed diffusers, though.  Since our bottle is made of glass, it may be recycled or reused afterward.
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How to use reed diffusers?

Step 1: Insert fiber reeds sticks into the bottle.
Step 2: The reeds will absorb the oil and diffuse the scent into the air.
Step 3: The reed diffuser will achieve full results in about 12 hours.
Flip the reeds for better fragrance and replace the reeds every 6 months or when deemed necessary for optimum diffusing.
To take note: Reed sticks are strictly for the diffuser only, do not burn reed sticks.

How long does a reed diffuser last?

Shiora reed diffusers last for approximately 4-6 weeks for a 50ml bottle, 6-8 weeks for a 100ml bottle, and 8-12 weeks for a 200ml bottle. This estimation will also depend on where you place the reed diffuser and how many times you flip the reed sticks.
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Where should I put my reed diffusers?

- Place your reed diffuser in a room with sufficient humidity and moderate temperature.
- Place your reed diffuser in a constant foot traffic that moves the molecules in the air naturally to carry the scent around and not directly under the fan or aircon; anywhere with direct wind blowing at it.
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What should I do when my reed diffuser doesn't smell anymore?

1. Flip the reeds.

If the scent is not as strong as it was, flip the reeds for fresh fragrance burst. You can also do it once in 2-3 weeks.

2. Put more reeds for stronger smell.

Increase the number of reeds in the diffuser for a more intense scent. However, more reeds also means faster evaporation ! Just use what you need :)

3. It may be time for new sets of reeds.

Reeds may get clogged up with dust over time. You may replace the reeds when flipping reeds does not work anymore, if not once every 2 months. You may also purchase reeds from us if reeds are ineffective after 2 months.

Why does my reed diffuser have no smell?

If you’ve flipped your reeds already, perhaps you are attempting to scent an area that is too large. For best results, you might need more than one bottle of reed diffuser, placed in different places. Additionally, findings may be impacted by an active air conditioner, an air exchange system, or frequently opening doors to the outdoors.

How to maintain your reed diffuser to last longer?

1. Use good quality reeds.

Fiber reeds are designed specifically for the purpose of oil wicking and scent dispersal. Its porosity distribution is uniform, ensuring optimal oil distribution throughout the reed. These reeds soak up and diffuse scent stronger. Bamboo nodes stop oil from spreading and rattan reeds is not as efficient as fiber in absorption.

2. Use high quality oils.

Oils with too many synthetic fillers can clog the reeds, causing them to stop diffusing the scent. Poorly mixed oils may allow for a heavy smell at first and evaporate too fast that it consumes oils too quickly.

3. Remove reeds when not in use.

Simply put them on a tray! Remember to close the bottle's cap and cover the reeds with some cloth to prevent dust, hair, or dirt particles from the room.

Which size should I buy?

Depends on the space you want to put. 50ml is perfect for office/study desk (just to scent the area you are sitting at). 100ml is perfect for bathroom, bedroom, study room. 200ml is for living room or a large bedroom.
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We want to sample the scents. Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we have a physical store located at 2 Gambas Crescent, Nordcom II , #04-02, Singapore 757044

Operating Hours for Scent Testing
Monday - Friday (10am-6pm)
Closed on Weekends & Public Holiday.



Why can’t I just re-use my sticks over and over again?

The cells in the reeds gradually become somewhat blocked and lose their capacity to draw the aroma up into the reeds and release it into the room after the reed sticks are completely saturated. Since the cells will still hold the old fragrance diffuser oil aroma, you therefore cannot switch the reeds to a different oil scent. Hardly a pure aroma will be transferred. Reeds can easily be replaced if you keep a stock of fiber reed diffuser sticks in your preferred size on hand.

How long do Reed Diffusers last? How do I use them?

Our reed diffuser scents will mostly continue to diffuse for about 4-8 weeks depending on the size of the bottles and the size of your living area. It’s not possible to say precisely how long. They’re subject to environmental factors: closed doors, open doors, dehumidifiers, air conditioning, etc.
Insert sticks after opening the diffuser bottle. Oil-soaked sticks should be turned over once, to expose them to the air. For several months, the oil will wick up the sticks and fragrance your space. Turning the sticks once or twice a week should be sufficient to freshen the aroma. (When the oil is finally used up, wash the bottle and reuse it for decorations.)

Is reed diffuser safe?

Yes, it is safe to inhale for most adults. However, everything is about balance. Some scent might not be suitable for you to inhale for too long, or too near. Put on the surface at around the height of your face, and be careful not to let children or pets touch or consume the oils.
For children and pets, their nose is more sensitive. Do not put at where they can touch, inhale directly, or has a risk to consume or spill. If touched or spilled, wipe off immediately with hot water.



shiora skinsafe essential oil roll on

What is Skinsafe Essential Oil Roll on?

- Made of 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil.
- Safe to inhale, Safe for skin (*Do skin patch test before applying topically.)
- Light, compact, and easy to carry around.
- Minimalistic design with translucent bottle and cap with an wood touch for a feel of connection with nature.
- Made in Singapore and sourced from around the globe, no synthetic fragrances and no parabens.

How to use Skinsafe Essential Oil Roll on?

1. Inhale the natural aromas directly to get the therapeutic benefits.
2. Roll on a small area of your skin; on your neck, behind your ears, on your wrist, on your stomach. (*Do skin patch test before applying topically.)
3. Use as essential oil drops to put in your ultrasonic diffuser.

What to take note before using Skinsafe essential oil roll on?

1. Remember to do a skin patch test before using any essential oils.
2. Since citrus essential oils may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, these oils should be avoided if you’ll be exposed to sunlight.
3. Children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should use essential oils with caution and under the supervision of a healthcare professionals. You should avoid some oils and never swallow essential oils.
4. Patients with asthma or atopic dermatitis should consult your healthcare professionals before using.
5. This is strictly not for skincare.
6. For children, do a skin patch test on a small area of their skin before applying the oil directly.


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How to use essential oils in a humidifier?

To use essential oils in a humidifier, add a few drops (we recommend 2-3 drops, maximum 5 drops) into the water tank. The oil will naturally vaporize throughout the room. For best results, use a cool mist and clean your humidifier regularly.

Are Essential Oils water-based?

Since pure essential oils cannot dissolve in water, water-based essential oils must be made using chemical additions and treatments. The effectiveness and purity of water-based essential oils will be altered by this. Additionally, it explains why water-based essential oils are significantly more affordable and frequently offered in huge bottles. Shiora Pure Essential Oils are all oil-based, safely curated for you.
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