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Top 5 Tips Where to Place Essential Oil Diffusers

5 tips on where to put your diffusers. Lower than your eye level, Middle of your house/room, Kitchen, Toilet, Not in front of the fan, and not under direct sunlight.

Everything You Should Know About Diffusers

Every time you come back from a long day at work, your house needs to provide a cheerful and welcome atmosphere. Reed diffusers are one of the most incredible solutions for this ambient scenting. Reed diffusers guarantee a consistent scent in your house. They are a potent substitute for conventional scenting techniques, including scented candles, reed diffusers, electric diffusers, etc. 

This is primarily because reed diffusers offer a delicate fragrance sensation. A quick and effective method to fill a space with your favourite scents is with reed diffusers. They smell amazing and are frequently exquisitely made to give your home's décor an air of elegance and style. People make these at home with an essential oil air freshener diffuser recipe.

If you don't know how to use an essential oil diffuser, here are the 5 tips for placing your aroma diffuser to make your room smell pleasant.


How to Make Your Room Smell Good With Essential Oil Diffusers

It's crucial to consider the room's size and placement while using a reed diffuser. 

Place it lower than your eye level

Place essential oil diffuser lower than your eye level

Reed diffusers should be positioned below your eye level to prevent mishaps. Since essential oils are so potent, they should never be used near or in the eyes. Essential oils can burn, hurt, or irritate the skin even when diluted. However, be cautious to avoid letting it touch the carpet or floor as this could damage them.

Place it in the middle of the room

Put essential oil diffuser in the middle area of your room

We advise putting it in the centre of your living room, bedroom, or other relaxing areas. The diffuser should be positioned at least two feet above the ground on a nightstand or side table, preferably on a tray. This will guarantee that the air is adequately moisturised.

Living room

Put essential oil diffuser in your room that smells unpleasant

When deciding where to keep your reed diffusers, think about the places that smell unpleasant to you. Reed diffusers can mask odours and make a space pleasant for you and your visitors when you set them in a location with a foul scent.

Do not place it near the fan

Do not put essential oil diffuser near fans and sunlight

Similar to placing a diffuser near heat, exposing an oil diffuser to direct sunshine will likewise cause the oil to evaporate. You'll have to replace your reed diffuser sooner, even though sitting on your windowsill in the sunshine may seem great.

Do not place it under direct sunlight

Prevent the accidentally spilt of diffuser oil

If oil from the diffuser spills, clean it up immediately to keep kids and animals from ingesting it. Some furniture or surfaces can lose their finish when using essential oils. To avoid damage or discolouration, use extreme caution while handling fabrics or surfaces with wood finishes.


Where to Put Aroma Diffuser

To get the best out of your reed diffuser, you should also consider where to place it. Here are some ideas where you should put:

1) Bathrooms

An Air diffuser is ideal for bathrooms since the correct aroma may make your bathroom look cleaner, fresher, and more organised. Place them on your windowsill or vanity to relish them every time you enter by. If you like a fragrance with more citrus undertones, you could select Eighter Island or Tea in the Orangery for your bathroom.

2) Kitchen

Using a diffuser in the kitchen is a terrific idea. The long-lasting scents might aid in preserving a clean, unassuming aroma. Particularly in larger kitchens with breakfast bars or communal seating areas where everyone may enjoy it! Diffusers with floral and fruity scents are advised.

3) Living room

Since there will be many opportunities for both you and your visitors to experience it while they stroll past or feel secure, your lounge room or corridor is the ideal location for a room diffuser. To enjoy the tangy citrus notes of a revitalising aroma like Tea in the Orangery, place it on a coffee table in your living room or a console in the hallway.

4) Bedroom

A relaxing necessity after such a long and tough day, reed diffusers are a fantastic way of filling your bedroom with a long-lasting and constant aroma. We advise using aromas and essential oils Singapore that have relaxing effects, such as lavender, bergamot, or cedarwood.

Many times you might get confused between a diffuser and a humidifier. If we compare aroma diffuser vs humidifier, you will find that a humidifier is necessary if your home's air needs to be moister. However, a reed diffuser is suitable if you only want to impart scent and no moisture to the atmosphere.


How to choose the best essential oils scent for your home

Nevertheless, these are not required, and your reed diffusers can be 100% organic using essential oils for energising and calming aromas. Many reed diffuser oils contain DPG (Dipropylene glycol), an odourless and colourless non-toxic solvent used for reducing fragrance oils. Electric diffuser oils occasionally have high levels of alcohol or DPG, making them more affordable to produce and speeding up their evaporation.

Choose the scents that you like or will have energising, refreshing, calming, or relaxing effects in each location or room.



Reed diffusers have recently gained popularity among consumers as a home fragrance option, which is not surprising given that they are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and frequently built of recyclable or natural materials. And unlike candles, they pose no risk of setting the house on fire if left unattended. Check out our website to discover lovely fragrances of the best essential oil diffuser for large space to keep your home fresh.

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