Reed Diffusers

Shiora provides aromatherapy products to discerning customers in a welcoming environment with a warm tone. We elevate our customers' personal spaces by creating unexpected yet familiar fragrances that trigger powerful positive emotions.
  1. Lavender pure essential oil has a very distinct smell. Once you've smelled lavender, you will recognize it instantly. Overall, it has a floral scent, but one that is light and fresh, without being too pungent or overwhelming. It can also have a sweetness to it with herbal, balsamic undertones and notes.
  1. Lemongrass pure essential oil, the best in Singapore. Lemongrass pure essential oils deliver a mild, sweet, and citrus-like scent with loamy undertones. Only drip the essential oil into an oil diffuser and you can feel the exhaustion leaving your body. The soothing and relaxing scent of lemongrass can also rid you of stress and tension.
  1. With a scent that encourages concentration and calmness, Sandalwood purifies both the body and mind. On the other hand, Peppermint improves overall digestion while preventing nausea from pregnancy and motion sickness.
  1. Cedarwood reed diffuser produces a warm, balsamic aroma that creates a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere when diffused to help support a comfortable nighttime routine. It can redefine the living space experience by invoking familiar feelings of home and love at first sight.
  1. Singapore best home fragrance including reed diffusers, pure essential oils and scented candles.
  1. This hotel-inspire reed diffuser is the perfect expression of natural refinement, a translation of the luxurious and classic heritage of the Dunhill house, with, what's more, a touch of modernity.
  1. The inspired serenity of Shangri-la brought to you. The scent envelops you in fresh, light notes of bergamot, rose, and lavender, along with the woody notes of sandalwood.
  1. You can now be able to indulge in the inspired luxury of the Continental Hotel scent brought to you by Shiora. A world-class hotel scent, a contemporary and unique combination of sweet and fresh citrus, jasmine, and gardenia, tuberose is bursting with perfume scent so as to engage all of the senses, such as smell, to create memorable experiences.
  1. The Westin Hotel Scent  Inspired by the Westin hotel scent. Curated specifically for you. The world-class hotel scent is a natural and unique combination of black pepper, ginger, and coriander with a lingering strong aroma.
  1. The inspired exclusive scent of Sheraton Hotels is brought to you. World-class hotel scent. Notes of lily rose and musk will fill your nose with the natural, fresh, and earthy aroma that elevates your senses.
  1. The inspired splendour of Park Hyatt’s scent brought to you and its refreshing melange of fresh blueberries and light florals on a base of warm vanilla and musk imparts a feeling of welcome, luxury and serenity.  World-class hotel scent, natural and unique combination of citronella scent with bergamot, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, cedarwood, pine, rosemary, clary sage, tea tree, frankincense, and sandalwood.
  1. The Venetian Hotel scent is an airy Mediterranean marine note combined with the freshness of sweet Melon, Rose and Lily of the Valley ending with Woods with top notes of Grapefruit, Green Apple, Melon, Ozone; mid notes of Damascena Rose, Lily of the Valley; and base notes of Woods, Musk.