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20 ways to use essential oils without a diffuser

Can I diffuse essential oils without a diffuser?

Essential oils are known for their ability to spread a fragrant aroma throughout a room. Most importantly, these oils offer various therapeutic benefits. Essential oil is usually used in a scent diffuser to spread the fragrance. If you want to enjoy a great home fragrance, it is not necessary that you must use a diffuser. 


There are different ways by which you can diffuse essential oils without using a diffuser. We list out 20 ways in this guide. Try out any or all of them and make your home smell great. All you need is Shiora essential oils. Choose the oils you like and use them to scent your home without using a diffuser. 


shiora essential oil hacks 1

Essential Oil Hacks 1: Use on toilet paper roll to scent your bathroom

A simple hack is to use a toilet paper roll to scent your bathroom and make it smell good. Use a natural essential oil to scent the toilet paper roll. Just add a couple of drops of the oil of your choice to the toilet paper roll. The roll would absorb the oil and retain its scent. Your bathroom will now smell good. If you don’t want the oil to get onto the paper, add the drops to an empty roll and keep it by the side. 


shiora essential oil hacks 2

Essential Oil Hacks 2: Use on a material that can absorb essential oils (passive diffuser)

A passive diffuser is a material that absorbs essential oil. The passive diffuser will create a pleasant home scent that can fill the room with fragrance. A ball of cotton is an excellent passive diffuser. Add a few drops of the oil and place the ball in a corner or under a bed sheet. Enjoy the fragrance. You can repeat this daily so that you can enjoy the aroma. You can also use woollen or porous clay, as both these materials can absorb essential oil. 


shiora essential oil hacks 3

Essential Oil Hacks 3: DIY essential oil spray

You can make an essential oil spray yourself. Get an empty spray bottle. Now add the essential oils of your choice. The thumb rule is to add 10 drops of the oil for every 30ml. If you have a 120ml bottle, add 40 drops of the oil. Now add water to fill up the bottle and shake well. Your spray is now ready for use. Spray it anywhere in your home; the pleasant scent will last a few hours. By changing the oil, you can make different sprays for different rooms in your house. Lavender for the bedroom, lemon for the kitchen, jasmine for the living room, and citrus for the bathroom are good options with various therapeutic benefits.


shiora essential oil hacks 4

Essential Oil Hacks 4: Use skinsafe essential oils in a bath

Take a bath in water that has essential oils added to it. It is important to note essential oils are concentrated and can irritate the skin. So, make sure you get skinsafe essential oils only so they are safe to use. You can use sandalwood oil for a bath since it smells great. The sandalwood scent would make the bath feel refreshing. The sandalwood smell would linger on and work like a perfume remaining on your body for a long time. You can change the oil regularly and even mix oils to get the fragrance of your choice.


shiora essential oil hacks 5

Essential Oil Hacks 5: Make a diffuser jewellery

You can easily make a diffuser necklace or any other jewellery. Use a lava bead, clay material, or a wool ball that can absorb the essential oil. Place the bead or ball in a small wire cage shaped like a ball. Now fix this wire cage to a chain, and voila – your necklace is ready. Now all you need to do is add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the bead/ball. It will smell fragrant for a few hours. Try this and enjoy carrying aromatic scents around while you are outside.


shiora essential oil hacks 6

Essential Oil Hacks 6: Drop on a handkerchief and bring outside

Place a few drops of the essential oil of your choice on your handkerchief and use it with you whenever you go outside. The fragrant smell from the handkerchief can be refreshing. For example, if you are feeling stressed, you can use lavender oil. Whenever you begin to feel stressed, smell the handkerchief, and you will feel refreshed and recharged. When you are travelling and can’t stand smells outside, this handkerchief will be useful.

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shiora essential oil hacks 7

Essential Oil Hacks 7: Scented essential oil pillow

Making a scented essential oil pillow is an excellent idea to enjoy the fragrance as you sleep. You can use citrus oil on the pillow cover or a cotton ball and keep it inside the cover. The citrus essential oil smell can be refreshing and helps to lift your mood. If you are stressed, sweet orange oil or any other sweet orange essential oil can help de-stress. The scent would last through the night as you sleep.


shiora essential oil hacks 8

Essential Oil Hacks 8: Use on a clay sculpture at the window sill

A clay sculpture placed on the window sill can work like a diffuser. All you need to do is place a few drops of the essential oil on the side facing the sun. The heat from the sun would diffuse the oil and spread its aroma. Guests seated near the window would be surprised by where the scent is coming from. You can use lemongrass oil to create a refreshing scent that smells great. Make sure you use it on a clay sculpture since clay can absorb the oil.


shiora essential oil hacks 9

Essential Oil Hacks 9: Drop inside your vacuum bag

Before you operate your vacuum cleaner, add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to the vacuum bag. Now, as you use the vacuum cleaner, the fragrant scent will spread throughout the home. This is a great hack that will help you make your home smell good without needing to use a diffuser. 


shiora essential oil hacks 10

Essential Oil Hacks 10: Make car diffusers

You can make a scent diffuser for your car. Since most people spend many hours on the road, the car diffuser would give out a pleasant scent. Using a scent like lavender will help you feel refreshed and free from stress as you drive. It is very simple to make it. Take a large pompom and stick it to a paperclip. Now add a few drops of the oil and fix the pompom to the vent. Your car diffuser is ready!


shiora essential oil hacks 11

Essential Oil Hacks 11: Use skinsafe essential oil for stuffed animal

If you have stuffed animals in your home, add a few drops of essential oil like cedarwood on its surface. Make sure you use skinsafe essential oil since kids would play with the stuffed toy and hold it. The fragrance would get absorbed in the outer layer, making the stuffed animal work like a diffuser. The cedarwood smell lasts for a few hours. You can again add drops after a few hours.


shiora essential oil hacks 12

Essential Oil Hacks 12: Use for a facial steamer

You can use essential oils in a facial steamer. Steaming helps to open your pores and makes your skin look fresh. Using an essential oil can help nourish the skin. Using tea tree oil or rosemary oil can help improve blood circulation. It also ensures an antimicrobial and antifungal effect. This leads to better skin health and offers a soothing effect on the skin.


shiora essential oil hacks 13

Essential Oil Hacks 13: Make a cooling foot bath

After a tiring day, nothing is more pleasant than a cooling foot bath. Instead of using plain water, add a few drops of essential oil to the water. When you use an essential oil like tea tree or peppermint, it is antibacterial in nature. It is very useful in preventing foot fungal infections. Also, it is known that peppermint oil foot baths will soothe your nervous system.


shiora essential oil hacks 14

Essential Oil Hacks 14: Use as a carpet deodorizer

If you have a bad-smelling carpet problem, then essential oils can help you. You can make a deodorizer to make your carpet smell good. Add 2 cups of baking soda with around 25 drops of the essential oil of your choice in a salt shaker jar. Shake well and use the holes to spray the solution on the carpet. Let it remain for a couple of hours, and then vacuum. 


shiora essential oil hacks 15

Essential Oil Hacks 15: Natural insect repellent

Citronella is one of the essential oils that work as a natural insect repellent. The lemongrass smell makes insects avoid the area too. You don’t have to use insect repellents that use harmful chemicals. Make a natural one by adding drops of citronella to cotton balls. Leave the balls at the corners of the room and stay insect free. You can also use it in a spray bottle and spray it at various places in a room.

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shiora essential oil hacks 16

Essential Oil Hacks 16: Drop in a candle

A candle can be used as a home fragrance diffuser. All you need to do is take a plain candle and place it on a stand. Now add 2-3 drops of the essential oil of your choice to the candle. The wax would absorb the oil. When you light the candle, the oil's fragrance will slowly waft through the room. This is a simple hack to make a scented candle yourself. 


shiora essential oil hacks 17

Essential Oil Hacks 17: Drop on a cloth for cleaning

When cleaning your home, you can use essential oils to make your home smell better. You would be using a cotton cloth to clean tables and table tops. Before cleaning, add a few drops of any essential oil you like. You can even mix and match different essential oils. The cotton in the cloth will absorb the oil. Now wipe the surface with the fabric leaving behind a pleasant aroma everywhere.


shiora essential oil hacks 18

Essential oil Hacks 18: Use as a natural remedy; drop in a steamer

A steamer is useful when you have a headache or cold. Inhaling steam can give you a lot of relief if you have sinusitis or a blocked nose. Adding essential oils to the steamer enhances the therapeutic benefits you get. You can use eucalyptus oil since it has the ability to clear blocked sinuses. Add a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to the steamer after adding water. As you inhale the steam, you will get excellent relief from symptoms. It is a great natural remedy to use at home. If you have a cold, repeat this a couple of times to get complete relief. In case you don’t have a steamer, heat water on a stove and add the oil to the water before inhaling. Be careful while inhaling from a stove since you can get burnt by the hot water. 


shiora essential oil hacks 19

Essential Oil Hacks 19: DIY essential oil inhaler

You can make an inhaler that uses essential oil to produce a pleasant scent. You can then use the inhaler to enjoy the scent. You can even use it for aromatherapy. Use an essential oil that offers health and therapeutic benefits. It would be best to have an inhaler tube with a cap and cover. You also need a cotton wick. Soak the cotton wick in essential oil and then place it inside the inhaler tube. Now seal the bottom with the cap and close the cover. Your DIY inhaler is ready to use. If you experience motion sickness while travelling, use the inhaler to feel better.


shiora essential oil hacks 20

Essential oil Hacks 20: Scent a cotton ball and tape it on the fan

This is a very simple hack. Take some cotton and make a medium-sized ball. Add a couple of drops of essential oil to the cotton ball, and the cotton will quickly absorb the oil. Now tape this cotton ball to the fan on the ceiling. When you switch on the fan, the scent will fill the room. Use this hack with French lavender essential oil in your bedroom. The lavender scent will help you feel relaxed, and you can sleep well. You can use a new cotton ball daily and change the scent depending on your mood.


And there you have it, 20 essential oil hacks for you to try around with to make your home smell wonderful. If your now looking to buy a pure essential oil bottle, feel free to take a look at Shiora pure essential oil collection.

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