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Using Essential Oils to Make Your Own Perfume Oils - How To

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Why Is Essential Oil Better Than Fragrance Oil?

First, you should understand the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil. A fragrance is defined as a mix of chemicals. Each fragrance has a distinct scent, which may contain both natural and synthetic ingredients. Synthetic elements include petroleum materials, solvents, UV absorbers, stabilizers, dyes and preservatives. A combination of chemical components is used to create a particular fragrance.

On the other hand, essential oils are prepared using natural ingredients. Purity is an important aspect of natural essential oils. The oils are extracted from their sources using steam distillation and cold press techniques. No chemical solvent is used in this process, but only heat, pressure and water are used to extract the essential oil. There is no use of any additional preservative or stabilizer, and the oils are sourced mainly from different parts of plants like flowers, roots, leaves and plant tissues. The plant ingredients are used in steam distillation to obtain the essential oils.


Differences between Fragrance Oil and Essential Oil

Fragrance oils are made using synthetic ingredients. A variety of chemicals are used to create the desired scent. Fragrances are used widely in personal care items and consumer products. The fragrance oil may contain natural components, but it will also have many synthetic elements.

Essential oil is sourced from natural botanical produce. It contains the essence of that ingredient. You can use essential oil in its pure form or after mixing it with a carrier oil which is the preferred method for aromatherapy. It is crucial to source essential oils from reliable suppliers that source their products from verified farmers and distillers. Essential oils are often diluted for topical skin application, personal care, soaps, room fresheners and bug repellants.

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Can I Use Essential Oils as Perfume?

Yes, you can use essential oils as perfume. They are an excellent alternative to synthetic perfumes. Many perfumes are advertised as natural but may contain only small amounts of natural ingredients. You can create your own signature scent by combining some essential oils. This option works better than synthetic perfume because you can avoid many health problems people allergic to synthetic perfumes experience.

There are health risks of using some types of synthetic fragrances, but you may be able to avoid such problems by creating your own scent with the help of essential oils.

Simple Tips For Creating An Essential Oil Perfume:

  • Create your scent that has a strong or supportive effect.
  • Modify the essential oil perfume based on seasons and your moods.
  • Creating your own unique scent using natural essential oils is less expensive.
  • Create unique essential oil perfumes to support your mood, energy level, emotion and immune system.
  • Remember to note down which formula you used to create one.


Complete Guide on How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils - Follow these 5 Simple Steps:

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1) Learn about Your Ingredients

It is essential to avoid mistakes that can cause health risks or other problems.

Use only top-quality natural ingredients and essential oils to make the perfume you need. Essential oils are powerful plant-derived essences. If misused, they can be irritating to the skin.

Research the ingredients and learn about any health or sensitivity risks. For example, lime oil is known for photosensitivity risk. Keep in mind that natural ingredient does not mean it is entirely safe.

Follow the essential oil fragrance recipe carefully and use only the recommended ratios to create the scent.


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2) Understand the Composition of the Scent

A scent has many layers, including head or top, heart or middle, and base notes.

The smell that strikes first is covered in the top notes. They can last for 15 minutes.

Next are the heart notes that let the perfume linger longer, about 15-45 minutes. These notes are pretty durable and provide longevity to the scent.

A scent will fade quickly without the base notes that last several hours.


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3) Choose Your Perfume Oils to Blend Scents – Top Notes, Heart Notes and Base Notes

You need the proper selection of essential oils to make your perfume. It is an easy process: you only need carrier oil and some essential oils. Maintain the right balance between top, heart and base notes when creating your essential oil fragrance.

Top notes - These fragrances are pretty light and the first thing anyone notices. However, it is also quick to fade. Examples of top notes include tangerine, lime, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, sweet orange, grapefruit, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, camphor, citronella, camphor and others.

Middle notes - These fragrances last longer. They include jasmine, lavender, coriander, nutmeg, geranium, chamomile, sage, mandarin, neroli, anise seed and others.

Base notes - These fragrances last the longest. They are perfect for making body perfume. Some of these fragrances include sandalwood, vanilla, amber, musk, cedarwood, ginger, carrot seed and others.


When creating your perfume, it is crucial to maintain the right balance of fragrances from all these three notes. It will help you make a well-balanced scent and deliver the desired effect. Your essential oil perfume will work best when the oils from the top, middle and base notes are appropriately layered. The top notes last the shortest, and the base notes last the longest. If you have sensitive skin, you can apply the essential oil perfume on your clothing in place of the skin.


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4) Gather the Right Ingredients

You will need some materials including equipment, container and ingredients to prepare your perfume using essential oils. Some of these materials include:

  • A carrier oil like almond or jojoba oil
  • Three essential oils representing top, heart and base notes
  • A rollerball bottle or container


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5) Perfume Oil Recipe

The essential oils should be no more than 20% of the carrier oil. It will keep you on the safe side. About 20 drops from a glass dropper or pipette will amount to 1 ml of liquid. It means you will need 100 drops to fill a 5 ml bottle. Keep a record of your recipe so you will face no difficulty if you want to create the same fragrance again.

For example, 20 drops of essential oils should include five drops of top, five drops of heart and ten drops of base notes. You should mix this combination of essential oils with 80 drops of carrier oil.

Once you have all the ingredients, follow these steps to prepare your perfume:

1. Take the carrier oil in the perfume bottle

2. First, add the base notes one drop at a time to the carrier oil

3. Add top notes

4. Add heart notes

5 Close the lid and shake the bottle well

6. Stick a label on the bottle with fragrance information, including the making date


Keep this bottle in a cool and dark place away from the children. Furthermore, you can use this recipe to create rolling or spray perfume. You only need a rollerball bottle for the rolling and a spray bottle for the spray perfume. Use the mentioned tips and steps to create a perfume bottle with your favourite floral scent, sweet scent, citrus scent, woody scent, musky scent and others.


How Long Do Essential Oil Perfumes Last?

It depends on the ingredients and storage method. Most essential oils will degrade fast in direct sunlight. Use aluminium, amber glass or screw cans to store your fragrance. Essential oils decay more quickly if not kept in proper containers. How long the essential oil perfume lasts on the skin will depend on the oils used and their potencies.

- Perfume containing 15-30% essential oils will last 6-8 hours.

- Perfume with 1-3% essential oils will last 2-3 hours.

- Those containing 3-5% essential oils will last 2-3 hours. The perfume containing 5-7% essential oils will last 2-4 hours.

Always use carrier oil to create a long-lasting scent. Coconut, grapeseed and jojoba oils high in fatty acids help the fragrance last longer on the skin. A water-based solution will dissipate quickly on the skin. This is the reason a carrier oil is preferred to make this perfume. Make sure you apply the fragrance in a way and at a place where it does not spoil your clothes due to the presence of carrier oil.


Can I Put Essential Oils on My Skin?

You must dilute typical essential oils before applying them directly to the skin. However, if you use a product like Shiora skinsafe essential oil, you can apply it on the skin or even inhale the scent without any trouble. Keep in mind that even the skinsafe essential oils should not be used for skin care, treatment or healing. Essential oils are perfect for inhaling therapeutic scents. Check Shiora Instagram for more info about skinsafe essential oil!



Always use high-quality essential oils for aromatherapy, perfume and other applications. Shiora is a prominent name in the essential oil Singapore sector. You are assured of a fresh scent when you use Shiora essential oils.

Other than that, use Shiora home fragrance to keep your home smelling pleasant. You can use these oils for aromatherapy, self-care routine and other applications. Visit Shiora home fragrance website for more information and to buy high-quality essential oils.


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