tips on how to get rid of house odours

Tips on how to get rid of house odors

Tips on how to get rid of house odors

Odors of different kinds can commonly be smelt in homes, and not all these odours are pleasant. There are many common reasons why a home has bad smells. Over time, these smells accumulate, leading to a cumulative harmful effect. And getting rid of these smells can become difficult.

Thankfully, many natural remedies can be used to get rid of house odors. The first thing is to identify what is causing the problem. This will ensure a permanent fix. To make it easy, we have some handy tips to help you get rid of foul odors and tips of how to make your home smell good.


1. Is your home air quality good?

1. Is your home air quality good?

The air quality outside can be impaired because of pollution and other factors. But did you know the air quality inside your home can also be harmful? A study revealed a startling fact that indoor air quality could be ten times as worse as outdoor air quality. Poor air quality leads to health problems, increased medical expenses, and even deaths.

Poor ventilation, excessive dust, and dampness can spoil the air quality inside your home. Using products in the house that contain chemicals can add to the problem. The solution to this problem is not difficult. Improve ventilation, keep windows open, and get an air purifier. Keeping plants in the home and proper cleaning can improve home air quality.


Remove smelly scent molecules embedded in your furniture

2. Remove smelly scent molecules embedded in your furniture

A big problem with new furniture is the smell it emits. The smell can come from the chemical used to treat the material, varnish, or paint. The scent molecules would have been embedded in the furniture, making the smell last for a long time.

A home remedy to tackle this problem is available in your kitchen. Sprinkle baking soda on the upholstery. Then, vacuum it to get rid of the smell. You can also make a spray from vinegar and water mixed in equal parts. Use it to wipe furniture clean. Then, clean with a dry cloth. Ensuring the home has sufficient fresh air can help solve this problem.


Find and eliminate the source of smell

3. Find and eliminate the source of smell

Every smell in your home comes from some source. If you want a permanent solution to this problem, identify and eliminate the source. Your trash can could be one of the reasons for the bad smell. If so, ensure the trash can is emptied regularly to prevent bad odours from building up.

A stinky carpet could be causing a bad smell. The solution is to get a deep cleaning of the carpet or to get rid of it. Mould can cause foul odours. You must ensure there is no dampness in your home. Use a vinegar spray on the mould, allow it to soak, and then clean with hot water to eliminate mould.

There is a solution to every source of bad odor in your home. In the following sections, we look at different areas of your home and find out where the bad odor could be coming from. Once you know the cause, take action to eliminate it.


 How to get rid of bad smells in kitchen?

4. How to get rid of bad smells in kitchen?

The kitchen can be the source of many bad smells. There could be many reasons for this. Let’s look at three of the key sources of bad smells in the kitchen.

  1. Trash can: The No. 1 reason for bad smells in the kitchen is the trash can. The smell builds up if you do not empty your trash can frequently. Also, food waste can stick to the sides of the trash can and smell. You need to clean the trash can thoroughly to avoid the smell. You can keep citrus rinds in the trash can, so you get a tangy smell instead of bad odor.
  2. Fridge: Smells from the refrigerator can be due to spoilt food or food/drink spills. The first thing is to do a thorough clean-up after emptying the fridge. Keep baking soda in an open box, and it absorbs bad smell. Most importantly, keep food in containers with secure lids.
  3. Microwave: Boil one part vinegar with two parts water in the microwave. It can help get rid of the bad smell. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell; it goes away after some time.


How to get rid of bad smells in bathroom?

5. How to get rid of bad smells in bathroom?

The bathroom can have bad smells due to obvious reasons. Here is how you can fix it:

  1. Toilet: Use a good toilet bowl cleaner to clean the toilets frequently. It is very important that there is sufficient ventilation in the bathroom. Circulation of air is needed to prevent bad smells from remaining.
  2. Sink: The sink can get clogged, and this can cause bad odors. Do proper cleaning of the sink to ensure it is clean and free of smells. You can make your own cleaning solution at home by mixing baking soda and lemon juice in equal parts. Apply the paste to the sink and then spray vinegar on it. Leave for some time before cleaning.

Your bathroom needs to smell good. The best way to do this is to use a scented product like a reed diffuser. You can get a reed diffuser Singapore and keep it on the bathroom shelf. Lemongrass or sweet orange oil are suitable essential oils to use to keep the bathroom smelling good.


How to get rid of bad smells in Bedroom?

6. How to get rid of bad smells in Bedroom?

Here is how you can remove bad odors in your bedroom and make it smell fresh:

  1. The mattress can be a source of bad smell. You can use the good old baking soda to remove the odor. Sprinkle on the mattress and vacuum after some time. Baking soda’s property is such that its crystal structure absorbs the scent molecules neutralizing them and removing the scent. Ensure proper ventilation in the bedroom to fix this problem.
  2. The closets can smell, which could be due to dampness. Avoid closing the closet door. Don’t keep damp clothes inside the closet. Get rid of dampness by using a closet dehumidifier product. This is essential if you stay in a humid place.

Using scents can keep off bad smells and create a pleasant odor in the bedroom. Shiora’s 3ml tester aroma diffuser spray is available as a part of its Starter Kit. You can use this product and experiment with different scents. You can change the fragrance and try different options until you find one you like.

For the bedroom, lavender is a good option since it can help you feel relaxed. Inhaling lavender can help you sleep better. Chamomile, cedarwood, and sandalwood are other good essential oils for use in the bedroom. Use scented products to make your bedroom smell good.


How to get rid of bad smells in Living Room?

7. How to get rid of bad smells in Living Room?

You will likely spend a lot of time in your living room daily. So, it is natural for bad smells to emanate. Let’s see where the smell could be coming from and how to fix them.


Your carpet is likely to hold many smells. Split food, drinks, and pet urine (if you have pets) can soak deep into the carpet. This can make the carpet stink badly. You should ideally get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner to get it cleaned. You can use baking soda to absorb the moisture. Cleaning with vinegar and water is also an excellent way to remove smells.

The sofa can get smelly and can absorb odors. Here again, baking soda is your friend. Sprinkle it liberally on the sofa, including in the corners. Especially, let it go to the crevices. Leave it for an hour before vacuuming it clean.

A proper and thorough cleaning of the living room is required periodically, so smells coming from anywhere can be removed. Check for dampness or smell from furniture and take measures as outlined above.


Once you get rid of the bad smells, it is time to use a scented product to make the living room smell fragrant. Remember it is the room where you spend more time. It is also the room where guests are seated. Use the best reed diffuser blends in the living room to create a pleasant aroma that makes you feel good.

When you buy Shiora’s reed diffusers, you can choose the essential oil scents that you like. For the living room, jasmine is a perfect option. Bergamot is another fragrance that is good for the living room since it is relaxing. Peppermint oil is also ideal for the living area because the peppermint scent can energize your mood.



Our comprehensive guide contained some very useful tips to help you get rid of bad odors from your home. Start implementing these tips to remove all the bad smells. Be sure to make your home smell good by using scented products like reed diffuser. Use these products in different places in your home so your home smells good.

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