Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: 7 Home Decor Ideas to celebrate at home

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: 7 Home Décor Ideas to celebrate at home

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Mid-autumn festival 2022 is just a few weeks away. It is time to start preparing for the festival. You can choose to celebrate outside or plan a celebration at home with your loved ones. Still, if you prefer home celebrations, having guests over will be a common way to celebrate this event of the year!

Make sure your home is ready to welcome guests by decorating it in the best possible way. It is not difficult to spruce up your home for the mid-autumn festival. We have some simple and attractive home décor ideas for you. These ideas will ensure you are perfectly prepared to celebrate the festival.


When is the Mooncake festival 2022?

When is mooncake festival 2022?

Mooncake festival is a part of the mid-autumn festival celebrated annually. This is a special celebration for people of Chinese origins but is celebrated by many people from different parts of the world too. The festival is traditionally held during the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth month.

In 2022, mid-autumn festival would be celebrated on the 10th of September, which is a Saturday. Even though this is not a public holiday, there would be grand celebrations throughout the country.


Best things to do to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Singapore

There are many things you can do to celebrate this year's mid-autumn festival. Here is a compilation of some of the best things to do:

  • Celebrate the festival at home with your family. You can also invite your close family to your house for the celebrations. Some people travel to where their parents and family members stay, so they can have a reunion.
  • Enjoy dinner while gazing at the moon to mark the occasion of the festival that celebrates the moon.
  • Celebrate the moon on this day by traditionally carrying out moon worship.
  • Don't forget to get mooncakes for the festival. If you were wondering where to buy mooncakes, you could get them from the Takashimaya mooncake fair. You can visit their stores at B2 or order online from their website.
  • Send mid autumn festival greetings to your dear ones with cards. Don't forget to send the best mooncakes as festival gifts.
  • Visit Gardens By the Bay to watch the moonstruck performance ("Tales of the Moon"). The traditional lady on the moon tale would be performed on stage during the event. It would be a great experience watching this show in the moonlight.
  • Gardens by the Bay will also have unique decorations for the mid-autumn festival. Enjoy the lantern exhibition and participate in the various events held at the venue to celebrate the festival.
  • Chinatown would have a grand parade to celebrate the day. You can watch the opening ceremony. Don't miss the mass lantern walk, which is a visual treat. 


How to prepare for a mid-autumn festival 2022 – home décor ideas

You can prepare for this year's celebrations by following some simple home décor ideas. Especially, you can get Mid-autumn festival arts and crafts products to decorate your home. We present seven exciting home décor ideas for you. Do try out these ideas to make your home sparkle for the festival!


1.  Arrange seasonal flowers in Chinese-style presentation

1. Arrange seasonal flowers in Chinese style presentation

Celebrate the festival in a traditional way by arranging flowers in a Chinese-style display. Compared to the western presentation style, the Chinese style focuses more on minimalism. The arrangement gives a lot of importance to the vessel or vase in which the flowers are arranged.

It would be best that you get a traditional vase inspired by the Qing dynasty to remind of you the rich heritage from the past. You can use seasonal flowers that are available during the mid-autumn season. Get fresh flowers and arrange them decoratively so your home looks and smells good.

You can shop for attractive vases on Shopee to get them home delivered. 


Add some scents to the decoration

2. Add some scents to the decoration

Once you make your home look good, it is time to make it smell good. Add scents as a part of the decoration to spruce up your home for the mid-autumn festival. Make your home smell good by using scented products. The best product you can use is a reed diffuser. Shiora's reed diffuser products are convenient to use and available in a variety of scents.

The reed diffuser has reed sticks that are placed in a bottle containing pure essential oils. The reed sticks absorb the oil and release the scents slowly and steadily. You can use scents like lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, or citrus scents to create a pleasant aroma in your home. These scents also offer aromatherapy benefits, helping elevate your mood.

You can choose reed diffuser blends from Shiora and get them conveniently delivered to your home.


What is lantern festival without a lantern?

3. What is lantern festival without a lantern?

For this lantern festival 2022, decorate your homes with lanterns. There are various types of lanterns you can choose from while buying. Most commonly paper lanterns are used. They can have candles inside for the illumination. You can also get LED lights that run on battery, which are convenient to use. There are also lanterns made from cellophane and inflatable ones that come in different shapes.

Lanterns symbolize good fortune, which is why you must not miss out on lighting lanterns on this day. If you are a DIY person, you can make lanterns yourself. It is not very complicated. You can get the materials online and look for instructional videos that would guide you in making the lantern.

You can order lanterns from AZGift through their website or buy them from any of the nearest stores.


Serve mooncakes on a traditional stylish tableware

4. Serve mooncakes on a traditional stylish tableware

How can the mooncake festival 2022 Singapore be complete without serving mooncakes? Let your guests savour the mooncakes by serving them on traditional tableware. You need the best quality dessert plates to serve the mooncakes. This is a special occasion, and the unique tableware will create the occasion's vibe.

Dessert plates are available in different materials, designs, and colours. You can choose the products of your liking. Choose stylish tableware that enhances the aesthetic appearance of your table. While buying tableware, ensure that the design and colour match your table.

You can choose from a variety of tableware to buy the dessert plates of your choice. Buy online from FortyTwo SG.


Pair your mooncakes with tea set

5. Pair your mooncakes with tea set

You can get different types of mooncakes and serve them with tea. You can choose from any of the mooncake types - snowskin mooncake, five-nut mooncake, Cantonese-style mooncake, Seafood mooncake, Hunan-style mooncake, etc. Serve the mooncakes with tea, and make sure you get a good quality tea set.

The best tea set would have good quality cups, saucers, a teapot, a milk jug, and a sugar bowl. You can choose from different types of materials, colours, and designs. Get a tea set that complements your table design. While porcelain is the most common material, you can choose glass, metal, or enamel sets if you prefer.

You can get the best quality tea sets from Tangs and get them delivered or picked up from their stores.


Create a beautiful mid-autumn tablespace with tea tray

6. Create a beautiful mid-autumn tablespace with tea tray

Don't miss out on using the best quality tea tray when you serve tea. A good tea tray will enhance your tablespace making it stand out. There are a variety of tea trays in the market that would be ideal for a mid-autumn tea session. Use these tea trays along with your attractive tea set to create a beautiful tablespace.

You can look for lacquer trays with a design inspired by lanterns. This would be perfect for use on this special day. You can get trays with different designs and colours, which will definitely look attractive on your dining table.

Buy tea trays from Forbidden hill to create a great tablespace. 


 Get your dining table ready for a moon-gazing gathering

7. Get your dining table ready for a moon-gazing gathering

Moon gazing is a vital aspect of the mid-autumn festival celebrations. Families gather on this day and look at the full moon, with some even worshipping the moon. Once they are done, it is time for the highlight of the celebrations. Yes, we are talking about dinner. You can plan a dinner on the terrace to have moon gazing during dinner.

You will need a good quality dining set suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Get a lightweight dining set that you can quickly shift to the terrace. A stylish dining set would add to the ambience and your guests would enjoy the dinner. The festival season is the right time to get a new dining set for your home.

Shop for dining sets on Mega Furniture to buy high-quality products at the best price.



Try out all the ideas above to decorate your home for the mid-autumn festival. You can start by ordering the best reed diffuser scents from Shiora, so your home smells welcoming for the festival celebrations, especially with your guests. Decorate your home well and enjoy the festival with your loved ones. Wish you a happy mid-autumn festival, and have a heartening celebration!

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