30 days mental wellness challenge

30-Day Mental Wellness Challenge

Although mental health awareness month is celebrated in May, you can and should work on your mental health any time of the year. Given the stresses of modern-day life, mental health issues are abounding, with many people seeking mental wellness.


What is mental health, you may ask? Well, mental health is an optimal human condition which constitutes social, psychological and emotional well-being. It impacts your ability to empathize with others, rise to challenges, grow as an individual and genuinely enjoy life.

Why is mental health important? First, you cannot function at your best without peace of mind. Many responsibilities rest on your shoulders, from work to domestic chores. Second, anxiety and worry keep you from experiencing life's joys. When your mind is filled with negative thoughts, it is difficult to live in the moment and have a good time.


While it is advisable to seek therapy for chronic stress, there is a coping strategy you can try on your own. This strategy is called the mental wellness challenge. For a month, you must engage in activities which improve your mental health. Gradually, you will notice the quality of your life improve as well.


Mental Wellness Challenge Month

The Mental Wellness Challenge Month

This section contains a daily rundown of all the things you can do to boost your mental health. There is a special emphasis on aromatherapy scent as it is known to act as a catalyst for your efforts. Sweet fragrances are soothing and can make any activity more enjoyable.

However, please bear in mind that change takes time. Do not expect to magically feel better in a couple of days. Stick to the wellness routine but do not be too hard on yourself. The idea is to savour the experience. Do not think of this challenge as a compulsory task on your To-Do list. Instead, consider it a fun and experimental adventure. 


Make a Confession

Day 1: Make a Confession

On the very first day, you must confide in someone you trust. Let the person know you are taking on the wellness challenge. Discuss your stress issues and the triggers of your anxiety. Not only will this unburden you a little, but it will also allow your friend to cheer you on. Your friend can help keep track of your progress, reminding you to successfully complete the challenge.


Meditate and Visualize

Day 2: Meditate and Visualize

Meditation can do wonders for your overall health. In the morning of the second day, find a peaceful place in your house to sit and meditate. Simply close your eyes and focus on your breath. When thoughts intrude, let them fade away without focusing on them. In the evening, you can lie down and visualize your ideal life. Let that vision inspire you to carry on. To boost your concentration, take a whiff of the sandalwood scent. Try the sandalwood essential oil.


Go Offline

Day 3: Go Offline

It is important to detox from electronic devices and social media. A constant flurry of news and posts keeps your brain busy. You need a break from all that distraction. Instead, read your favourite book or go for a long walk to keep yourself busy. You can also visit your beloved coffee shop to stay entertained.


Meet a Friend or Loved One

Day 4: Meet a Friend or Loved One

There is a big difference between chatting with someone on social media and actually meeting them. You must schedule a hangout session with a friend, colleague or family member. Engaging in live conversation is an excellent way to live in the moment. Remember to be a good listener. To make your conversations better, try the lavender scent. French lavender is known to calm the nerves and unwind the mind. Relaxation and rejuvenation are the true lavender meaning.


Get Physical

Day 5: Get Physical

Physical exercise is good for you. If you are not used to working out regularly, start small. This could mean going for a 10-minute walk around the block or skipping rope for 5 minutes. Exercise releases endorphins which alleviate your mood. Even dancing to your favourite song counts as a workout.


Sleep on Time

Day 6: Sleep on Time

Sleep deprivation results in many health problems in the long run. Yet, it is one of the most overlooked activities in modern-day life. You will be surprised how proper rest uplifts your mood and brightens your outlook. On the sixth day, try going to bed an hour earlier than you normally would. There are lemongrass benefits when it comes to quality sleep. Try lemongrass oil and see for yourself.



Perform an Act of Kindness

Day 7: Perform an Act of Kindness

Human beings are social animals. Your survival and progress depend on the support you receive from others and vice-versa. On the seventh day, do something nice for your fellow humans. This could mean offering your seat to a passenger on the bus or helping an older adult with their groceries. You’ll be surprised by the joy you feel from helping others. 


List out all the Negative Words

Day 8: List out all the Negative Words

The words you use to describe yourself and your activities affect your personality. If you keep using negative words, your perspective will also slowly turn negative. On this day, sit with a pen and a piece of paper and list all the bad words you use regularly. Then vow to limit saying such terms in the future.


Try Journaling

Day 9: Try Journaling

An excellent way to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings is by expressing them. Write what you feel and think in your journal. Be as honest as possible, and do not be too harsh on yourself. You will not be scored on the quality of your writing. Eucalyptus smell can help you collect your thoughts better; with much of eucalyptus benefits, try eucalpytus essential oil.


Get out of the House

Day 10: Get out of the House

Build a walking routine. On this day, go out for a walk, but do not listen to music or check your phone constantly. Be aware of your surroundings and observe your locality. It is important to step out of the house to get a fresh perspective on things. You will feel more energized to meet the day’s challenges.


Catch up with an Old Friend

Day 11: Catch up with an Old Friend

Everyone is busy with their lives. This often means losing contact with your friends and loved ones. However, there is a sense of regret, a longing for failing to stay in touch. Do not make yourself suffer anymore. On the 11th day, catch up with your long-lost friend and relive the good old times.


Create a Fresh Playlist

Day 12: Create a Fresh Playlist

The music you listen to greatly affects your mood. If you only listen to sad songs, you will feel down and depressed. So, look up some cheerful and groovy music online and revamp your playlist. There are some peppermint tea benefits when it comes to relaxation. Brew yourself some tea while you listen to new music. Additionally, some peppermint oil uses include alleviation of mood. Try Shiora’s peppermint oil to get started.


Review your Daily Task List

Day 13: Review your Daily Task List

Work is the number one cause of stress for many people. On top of that, there are many tasks outside work that demand your attention as well. Organizing your daily life is the solution to accomplishing all your tasks. Review your to-do list on this day and remove tasks which offer no benefits. Keep some time for fun and relaxing activities on your list.


Plan your next Vacation

Day 14: Plan your next Vacation

Motivation can come from anywhere. For many, the idea of going on vacation gives us the willpower to complete complex tasks. Read about the locations your wish to visit, plan your expenses and ask if anyone else would be interested in joining you. Then, fix the date of your holiday. To keep your spirits up during the planning process, try citronella oil fragrance. The citronella smell can uplift your mood and make you feel brighter.


“No” is the Word

Day 15: “No” is the Word

Sometimes it is important to say “No”. This is a powerful word, but people are afraid to say it because they fear offending others. However, you can also use this word to reject harmful ideas, bad urges and toxic requests. On this day, make it a point to say “No” to things you do not wish to do.


Watch Something Funny

Day 16: Watch Something Funny

Humour makes everything in life better. The ability to laugh at yourself is a true sign of maturity. Laughter, in general, uplifts your mood and releases happy hormones. On the 16th day, visit your local stand-up comedy club or watch a funny movie.  


Learn to Listen

Day 17: Learn to Listen

When you listen to someone else with attention, you connect with them much deeper. In fact, listening as a skill is highly underrated. You can only learn about others if you listen to them intently. Dedicate this day to meeting a friend and listening to them with mindfulness. To aid your ability to relax and focus, try cedarwood essential oil. The cedarwood smell is known to reduce stress and anxiety.


Do a Breathing Exercise

Day 18: Do a Breathing Exercise

Concentrating on your breath is a form of meditation. It relieves your parasympathetic nervous system (the flight-or-fight response) and reduces stress. On this day, sit in a comfortable position and take slow but deep breaths. Try making the inhalation and exhalation even. For instance, if you breathe in for 5 seconds, exhale for the same amount of time.


Prepare a Healthy Meal

Day 19: Prepare a Healthy Meal

You are what you eat. When you supply your body with whole and nutritious food, it can perform better. This also applies to your mental wellbeing. Prepare your own breakfast, lunch or dinner on the 19th day. Include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. Additionally, make the food tasty with spices and herbs. You can place a reed diffuser with a soothing scent, like lavender reed diffuser, while cooking.


Do Something Creative

Day 20: Do Something Creative

There are many ways to practice meditation. Anything which requires you to concentrate completely qualifies. The advantage of doing something creative is that you get to focus and express your inner thoughts. So on the 20th day, bring your paint colours or crayons and start drawing.


Prepare your Mantra

Day 21: Prepare your Mantra

What you say to yourself is very important. If you are constantly criticizing your actions and abilities, you will lack the motivation to pull through the day. Today you must come up with a mantra like “I can do this” or “I deserve this”, etc. Practice repeating this mantra to yourself anytime you feel down or low.


Tidy up your Space

Day 22: Tidy up your Space

Your physical space is a reflection of the space inside your mind. The opposite is also true. Spend this day clearing up all the things you do not need from your wardrobe, bedroom, kitchen etc. If possible, donate your old clothes to the needy. This could count as your one act of kindness for the day.


Give yourself a Treat

Day 23: Give yourself a Treat

You have successfully completed 22 days of the wellness challenge. It is time for a well-deserved treat. Visit your favourite restaurant or order that stuff you wanted to buy for a long time. You can also plan a fun activity with your friends. To boost your enthusiasm even more, try the zesty orange essential oil by Shiora. Its fragrance will brighten your mood.


Indulge in a Hobby

Day 24: Indulge in a Hobby

Hobbies keep your mind engaged and entertained. Whether you love reading, dancing, painting, throwing a ball or whatever makes you happy, do it on this day. Also, by the end of the day, try to plan how you can include your hobby in everyday life.


Push the Limits

Day 25: Push the Limits

Sometimes you should go out of your comfort zone and do what you normally would never do. On this day, consider doing something outlandish. Try eating a cuisine you have never tried. You can even go for adventure sports.


Seek Advice

Day 26: Seek Advice

Dedicate this day to getting advice from your loved ones. Typically, people tend to keep their problems to themselves. However, today you must drop your ego and be as transparent as possible. Being vulnerable is a good thing sometimes. Try getting a whiff of Shiora’s Mercury Honey to aid you in this quest. It may boost your spirits.


Visual Meditation

Day 27: Visual Meditation

If you haven’t understood it yet, here is the thing – Meditation can do wonders. You should definitely make meditation a daily habit, even if you only do it for 5 minutes a day. If focusing on your breath is boring, try visual meditation. Close your eyes and count in your head. Visualize the numbers.


Repair and Make Amends

Day 28: Repair and Make Amends

Have you been procrastinating? Is there something you should have done but haven’t finished yet? Prepare a list on this day of unfinished tasks and get to them. This is important to let go of past burdens and regrets. 


Express Affection, Physically

Day 29: Express Affection, Physically

Making physical contact is important. It can be a small gesture as well, like a handshake. When you meet your friends on this day, make it a point to hug them and express your affection. Do not worry about freaking them out. In the worst-case scenario, everyone will get a good laugh out of it.


Practice Gratitude

Day 30: Practice Gratitude

On the evening of the 30th day, think about the things you are grateful for in life. These can be small accomplishments as well. Nothing is insignificant. Think about your family, friends and even foes. Every life experience teaches you a lesson.


Review your Wellness Challenge Month

Day 31: Review your Wellness Challenge Month

On the last day, take some time to go through each day of your wellness challenge. What did you learn? Which activities did you enjoy the most? How can you incorporate them into your daily life? You must find the answers to these questions.



To aid your wellness journey, aromatherapy is a great option. Shiora home fragrance is a Singapore-based brand which offers a wide array of essential oils to calm and relax your mind. In addition to this, we blend home scent, reed diffusers and skinsafe essential oils roll-on, all local home-poured.

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