Your business needs to smell good

How to make your business smell good and why you should?

how to make your business smell good and why you should

If you run a business, you will know the importance of making your business look good. Apart from looking good, your business must also smell good. Imagine if a customer walks into your place and smells a foul odour. You may probably end up losing a customer.

Sensory marketing is a type of marketing that appeals to a customer’s senses. It makes use of the five senses to connect with the customer. Smell being a critical sensory perception, can be used in marketing. Focusing on making your business smell good can help you be more successful in marketing.


Improve Productivity

Importance of scent in a company

Scent marketing is making use of scents or fragrances at customer touchpoints in a company. When a customer smells fragrant aromas, it can trigger an emotional response. This can help establish a better connection with the brand. The idea is to make the shopping experience more effective.

It is well known that scents can have a powerful impact on people. This is why companies need to use scents to make their business feel good. There are many benefits of using scents, which explain why it is so important:

  • Pleasant scents in a company make customers feel like staying for more time. During this time, they may shop more or learn more about the company and form a strong positive impression.
  • Scents can stimulate customer behaviour, motivating people to spend more.
  • A pleasant fragrance helps to create a good customer experience, which is vital in today’s competitive world.
  • Bad smells and odours are possible in a company due to various reasons. Using scents can dispel such foul odours.


Better Customer Experience

Importance of scent in a retail store

The use of scents can be very beneficial in a retail store. In the retail business, customers are present throughout the day. Bad odours could crop up with various products and many people moving around. This can create a negative experience for customers.

Using scents can help create a pleasant ambience that offers customers a tremendous sensory experience. Since smells are related to emotions, customers would tend to associate your store with a pleasant aroma. Whenever they smell the same scent, they will remember your store.

Customers would prefer to spend more time in a retail outlet with a good smell. This motivates them to shop more, which can help drive your sales. The power of scent marketing can help you create customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases.


How to fill your business with a good smell?

It is not very difficult to fill your business with a good smell. We have four valuable tips to help you with this.


1. Place an aroma diffuser with pure essential oils

1. Place an aroma diffuser with pure essential oils

An aroma or scent diffuser is a product that diffuses or emits a fragrant scent. The diffuser uses a natural essential oil. These essential oils are obtained from the parts of plants and emit a pleasant fragrance. You need to look for pure essential oils that are not diluted or mixed with other chemicals. Such pure oils create an authentic scent.

Shiora’s pure essential oils are available in eight different fragrances. You can use these fragrances in various places in your store to enhance the sensory experience for customers. You can consider using scents like lemongrass, citronella, lavender, bergamot, or sweet orange.


2. Place a reed diffuser with your brand's signature scent

2. Place a reed diffuser with your brand’s signature scent

A reed diffuser Singapore such as the one offered by Shiora is a great product to use in a business. The product has a bottle in which you use essential oils to emit a pleasant fragrance. Placing reed sticks in the bottle will allow the fragrance to spread throughout the room slowly and steadily. This is a convenient way to make your business smell good.

You can browse the various scents offered by Shiora. Choose a combination of scents to create a signature scent for your business. This is very important since this scent is unique to your business. Having a signature scent helps customers associate the smell with your brand. This improves brand recall and allows your business do well.


3. Maintain cleanliness and keep the environment feel refreshing

3. Maintain cleanliness and keep the environment feel refreshing

The best way to make your business smell good is to keep off bad smells. A business is a place where many people work. People keep moving in and out. This can make the place dirty, which causes a bad smell. Maintaining cleanliness is an excellent way to keep off bad odours. Ensure the office is cleaned not just once a day but many times.

Ensuring cleanliness in every office corner helps keep the environment refreshing. You can use scented cleaning products, so your office smells good after cleaning it. Using a fragrance product after the cleaning is complete creates a pleasant environment. Apart from creating an excellent customer experience, it makes your employees feel comfortable thanks to the great environment.


4. Use mini spray bottle to scent your product packaging

4. Use mini spray bottle to scent your product packaging

Shiora offers a home fragrance starter kit that has 3 ml spray bottles. These mini bottles can be handy to scent your product packaging. They are available in a range of fragrances like cedarwood, citronella, lavender, lemongrass, sandalwood peppermint, etc.

You can get these mini spray bottles and use them on your product packaging. This can have a very positive effect on the customer because product packaging generally has the smell of plastic and cardboard. Using a scented spray makes the package smell good. It helps create a sensory experience for the customer, who will recall your product whenever they smell the same fragrance.



Using scent as a part of your marketing can help you boost your business performance. It can help you win over customers and achieve success by enhancing their experience through sensory marketing. You can start today by following the tips given in this guide. Start using Shiora’s fragrance products that offer the most delicate quality scents!


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