10 Simple Wedding Anniversary Home Decor Ideas

10 Simple Wedding Anniversary Home Decor Ideas

10 Simple Wedding Anniversary Home Decor Ideas Infographic

Wedding anniversaries are special occasions. They commemorate the time you and your partner came together in the sacred union of marriage, officiating your bond in the eyes of God & law. Couples like to celebrate their wedding anniversaries in several unique ways. However, some aspects remain a constant across all of these celebrations - romantic anniversary gifts. A wedding anniversary gift or wedding gift box items are lovingly handpicked by spouses wishing to make their significant other feel special. Besides picking out customised gifts, home decor items and home fragrances could really help set the mood for your wedding anniversary celebrations. Come, let’s see how -


Get creative with balloons

1 Get creative with balloons

Old but gold, balloons never go out of style. They are a quick, effortless way of livening up any area. Find multiple creative decoration ideas for the anniversary with balloons by looking up ‘sg home decor’ online. In addition, these are easy on the pocket, and you would barely feel a burn even if you have splurged before on customised wedding gifts singapore. Text balloons spelling out ‘Happy Anniversary’ on the wall in your living area or bedroom, in addition to regular balloons, would let you convey your feelings in bold.  


Decorate with the best anniversary flowers

2 Decorate with the best anniversary flowers

Want to go heavy on the detail? Decorate your house with not just the best anniversary flowers but flowers that align with the number of years you’ve spent together. For example, if it’s your 25th wedding anniversary, spruce up your living area with Iris. Pleasantly purple in colour with a sweet scent, these flowers signify faith - what other flower could fit your 25th wedding anniversary celebrations better? Similarly, daffodils, which stand for renewal and resilience, are the go-to flowers for 10th wedding anniversary celebrations, marking down a decade of marriage and telling couples to keep going strong.


Romantic Scented Candles

3 Romantic theme with scented candles

Scented candles or LED candles are other excellent means of mood-setting for your wedding anniversary celebrations. Ask yourself what kind of scents you and your partner mutually enjoy, and then go ahead and purchase scented candles with these fragrance notes. Scented/LED candles not only smell good, but they also look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 


Print photos and decorate on the wall

4 Print photos and decorate on the wall

Add a personal touch to your anniversary home decor and search for old photos that record memories you both cherish together. Next, print these out in bulk, hang them up using rope and paperclips, or simply tack them to the wall using adhesive tapes. Remember to put in a few embarrassing captures too; after all, they’re the ones that tell of the sweetest times.


Fill the space with romantic scents

5 Fill the space with romantic scents

While scented candles obviously help with this, the scent they exude is subtle. Reed diffusers are a great add-on here for those who’d like to create a sensational atmosphere for their wedding anniversary. Select a scent diffuser from Shiora’s line of organic aromatherapy reed diffusers, and you’ll thank yourself later! Available from Lavender, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Citronella scents, and many more, take your pick from the one you like. 


Decorate your bed

6 Decorate your bed

Don’t forget to include your bedroom in your wedding anniversary decor. Think flower petals strewn across the bed, a canopy of fairy lights, maybe an essential oil diffuser with your partner’s choicest scent and so on. Every part of your home should be ready to welcome your wedding anniversary celebrations, and your bedroom is the last place that you should leave out. In case you and your partner have been planning to add another member to your family, this would be a great time to leave subtle hints in the form of items easily associated.


Think origami art

7 Think origami art

Another simple but thoughtful way of showing your love for your partner is by spending some time making them something with your own hands. Those artistically inclined could try hand-painting a portrait or making their loved one a drawing; others could try origami or paper-folding. Your partner will appreciate you for your dedication and patience, and you will feel rewarded with the fruits of your effort.


Preparing the lighting with fairy lights

8 Preparing the lighting with fairy lights

Fairy lights are simple, inexpensive decor aids that almost magically change the look and feel of a room in minutes. Today, they are available in different shapes and sizes. Bring home the set of fairy lights that fit your needs and spend a twilit evening making new memories with your partner to look back upon fondly later.


 DIY your space

9 DIY your space

In short, go a little wild. Unleash the crazy romantic in you. Think back to your first few dates and try to remember the artefacts surrounding you then. Consider if it is possible for you to recreate the ambience of your proposal. It is bound to delight your partner and provide both of you with more than plenty of reasons to smile about.


Bathtub decorations

10 Bathtub decorations

It’s your wedding anniversary, and you will inevitably spend time together intimately, enjoying each other’s company. Why not curate a space to make this time even more special? Think floating flowers, dimly lit candles, music floating out from a speaker tucked safely away nearby, comfortable floor rugs and towels. Prepare a wine and cheese platter for your partner and you to snack on, to keep your hearts and tummy well-fed and satisfied. Maybe even some chocolate and strawberries for their aphrodisiacal value. 



Your wedding anniversary indeed lasts only a day, where your bond with your significant other is for life. But that is no reason to not celebrate it. Small everyday acts of service have charm, but big romantic gestures exist for a reason. Leave no stone unturned in your efforts and make your wedding anniversary a milestone moment for you and your spouse. We’ve shared celebration ideas for you above, which should help you make this day unforgettable. 


Keep no limits to your imagination; the ideas have only been shared for reference. Check out Shiora for wedding gifts for couples in Singapore and customised wedding gifts Singapore products to arrange an affair to remember. Good luck!

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