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Best Ways to spend Halloween 2022 in Singapore with your friends

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Best Ways to spend Halloween 2022 in Singapore with friends

This Halloween, you can celebrate with your friends by following the innovative ideas we have for you. Invite them over to your home and plan some great activities, throw a party at home, or go out to get a Halloween vibe. Get creative with more ideas and choose one or more of them. If you are having a gathering at home, make sure your home is ready to welcome guests. Use the best reed diffuser Singapore to make your home smell good, and set your guests in a great mood as they prepare to enjoy Halloween Singapore 2022.


Getting ready for Halloween blog post

Be creative and craft some Halloween decors 

When friends are coming home, you need to decorate the home. Why buy decor items from outside when you can craft them at home? Here are some great ideas to make Halloween decors at home:

  • Use old reed diffuser glass jars and add colours and glitter. You can create magic potion bottles that are apt for the occasion.
  • Get bright red candles and use them in black candleholders—light the candles to create an eerie atmosphere.
  • Convert veggies like pumpkin and eggplants into Halloween décor. Pain the veggies and then stick plastic googly eyes on them.
  • Gather leaves and then paint them black (use matte black). Use a white marker to draw faces to make the leaves look like bats.
  • Get a giant pumpkin and carve it to remove the innards. Fill it with twigs, leaves, and reindeer moss to decorate it. You can add a ping pong ball to create the appearance of a moon.


Decorating your home with Halloween theme

Decorate your home with Halloween theme 

Use the décor ideas mentioned above to decorate your home with Halloween theme for the home décor and use pumpkins to create a topiary. Set this in the corner of the room to enhance the Halloween theme. You can buy LED spider cobwebs that light up. They will look great and create the atmosphere for Halloween event.

A Halloween theme is incomplete without a black décor. Let black be the standout colour of your home. Black candles, black silverware, black paper décor, black books, black tablecloths, and other black items will give a distinctive look to your home. You can intersperse red with black to make the rooms look scarier.


Hold a Halloween theme costume blog post

Hold a Halloween-themed party (with costumes) 

When you have friends over on a Halloween day, how about having a party? The party will be more fun if you ask guests to come in costumes! This would be an excellent way for friends and families to enjoy. Here are some party ideas for you:

  • You can ask guests to come dressed up as their favourite horror characters.
  • Get helium balloons in black and red colours. Tie paper bats to the balloon and release them. The bats move around as the balloons move in the air, creating an eerie effect.
  • Another idea for a Halloween party theme is to get board games centred on horror themes. Tarot card reading is another good idea for a Halloween party.
  • Get an Ouija board to spice up the occasion and have fun after the party.
  • You can get realistic-looking plastic spiders and place them all around the home to create an eerie effect.


Halloween Horror and movie marathon

Horror movies and dramas marathon

The perfect way to enjoy Halloween is to watch any of the classic horror movies. If you have seen them all, then binge-watch popular drama shows. Watching these shows with friends as you much on popcorn and other snacks is a great experience. If you love horror movies, we have a selection of movies you can enjoy watching:

  • "Train to Busan" is a must-watch as you join a father and daughter trying to cope with a zombie breakout.
  • "Insidious" is an eerie film that tells the story of a family worried about their son being possessed.
  • "The House of the Devil" is a creepy movie about a babysitter’s terrifying experience.
  • If you want the best, watch "the Exorcist" - one of the greatest ever horror movies.
  • If you are a Stephen King fan, watch "IT". The series makes for an excellent watch for Halloween.



Go out and get some halloween atmosphere

Go out and get some Halloween atmosphere

Enjoy the Halloween atmosphere by going for an outing with friends. Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios is a place you can consider visiting. You can experience all that you expect during Halloween here. There are plenty of things to enjoy, from haunted houses to scare zones. 2022 will see the 10th edition of Halloween Horror Nights, so plan a visit today.

A guided tour of the spooky places like cemeteries is an excellent way to enjoy Halloween. Imagine walking in a graveyard on a dark night holding a candle. You can enjoy this chilling experience in venues from the Second World War. This guide-led tour is not meant for the faint-hearted and is one you will definitely enjoy.


Escape room with your friends blog post

Escape room with your friends

A great way to celebrate Halloween is to visit an escape room with friends. An escape room offers a great experience while you use your wits to try and escape from a locked room in a race against time. There are some great escape rooms in Singapore that you can plan to visit.

  • Xcape is an escape room that offers 52 game chambers spread across 8,000 sq. ft. From solving a murder to escaping from a zombie house, there are plenty of things to do.
  • The Escape Artist gives you the option to choose your experience. You can choose the escape game based on the fear and difficulty level you prefer. It is a guaranteed great experience with friends.

Make an invitation list today, and ask the friends you want to invite. 



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