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Best Tips How To Use Skinsafe Essential Oil On Skin

Best Tips How To Use Skinsafe Essential Oil On Skin

Best Tips How to Use Skinsafe Essential Oil On Skin

Essential oils are derived from the bark, leaves, stem, flowers, roots, and fruits of plants. They are volatile essences that create distinct fragrances. These natural essential oils contain antibacterial ingredients and are rich in antioxidants. They smell great and are primarily used in aromatherapy. The benefits of inhaling essential oils include stress management, ease of tension, calming your anxiety, and more, depending on each essential oil type. Also, there are essential oils safe for skin that can be used; continue reading to know more.


Are Essential Oils Safe From Skin Blog Post

Are Essential Oils Safe for Skin?

Essential oils are natural and hence, frequently thought to be safe for the skin. However, not all oils are safe for everyone. You need to consider several factors before using an essential oil, such as your age and underlying health conditions if any. It is also important to note the oil’s composition, purity, and method of use.

Each one of us is different and comes with various skin sensitivities. Therefore, it is necessary to take care and test any oil before applying it to your skin. To prevent any adverse reaction, dilute the oil first and retain its concentration below five per cent. Simply mix a few drops of your essential oil with a carrier oil, and they are ready to use!


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What essential oils are safe to put directly on skin?

Essential oils are derived from plants and smell amazing. They comprise chemical compounds that can affect your mood when inhaled. However, since these oils contain chemically active, potent compounds, they may cause skin irritation if not used correctly. Geranium, ylang-ylang, blue tansy for example are gentle oils having low concentrations of phenols and aldehydes, so they can be friendly to your skin. The list doesn’t end here. There are several other essential oils safe for skin you can try, but of course, after diluting and patch testing them. 

Essential oils are great, but only when used in the right quantities, concentrations and methods. Lavender, rose, tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus can be excellent skinsafe essential oils in appropriate diluted forms.

What is Skinsafe Essential Oil?

Skinsafe essential oils are those oils that are extracted from parts of plants and have no adverse effects when used on the skin. However, as mentioned earlier, it is essential to note that they are strictly NOT for skin care. Some essential oils may cause burning, dryness, redness and/or irritation if used in the concentrated form in a large area. Shiora Skinsafe Essential Oils are to be put on a small area of your skin with the purpose of inhaling, and NOT for skin care.


How To Apply On Your Skin

How do you apply essential oils directly to skin?

Do not apply any regular essential oil directly over your skin. Some are phototoxic and may cause blisters. Mix a few drops of your chosen essential oil to a carrier oil such as coconut oil, and apply where you want to see the effect.

On the other hand, skinsafe essential oils are safe to roll on a small area of your skin. Apply them to your wrists, neck, and temples so you can smell potent scents.

*Kindly note that you need to consult your doctor before using any essential oil if you are an older adult/ a child aged 12 or under/ a pregnant woman.

*Do a patch test before you apply anything topically on your skin.


When To Use Skinsafe Essential Oil blog post

When to use skinsafe essential oil?

If you are wondering when to use essential oils safe for skin, here’s the answer.

Essential oils are powerful and complex. They can offer a range of benefits when used on your skin, but you need to buy genuinely sourced and properly blended oils. Furthermore, they should be well within their shelf life. When blending essential oils at home, you must be careful with the oil concentration level.

Apply diluted essential oil in the morning after your shower or at night before going to bed. Avoid exposure to strong sunlight as soon as you use it on your skin.

How often can you use roll on essential oils?

A roll-on is a bottle you can use to apply a blended essential oil topically on your skin. Simply roll the device whenever you want and get set to see the magic! It can be carried easily and used without any difficulty.

However, do not keep rolling the essential oil roll-on all day. Use it 2-3 times a day, and it is sufficient for you to get the scent's effect. Remember, too much of anything is always bad. If you use it too often, it may do more harm than good.

Best smelling skinsafe essential oils for skin

Here is a list of skinsafe essential oils and their uses:

Best Smelling Essential Oil: Lavender

Skinsafe Lavender Essential Oil

This oil helps in reducing anxiety, restlessness, agitation and nervousness. It promotes better sleep. Use Skinsafe Lavender Essential Oil roll-on to your wrist, neck, behind your ears and other minor skin areas.

Best Smelling Essential Oil: Lemongrass

Skinsafe Lemongrass Essential Oil

This natural oil can offer an incredible energizing effect. It is soothing and helps you get rid of tension and stress. Inhale the aroma of Skinsafe Lemongrass essential oil, which will spread positive emotions.

Best Smelling Essential Oil: Eucalyptus

Skinsafe Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus oil is best used to get relief from colds and coughs. It is also believed to lower blood pressure. When applied to the skin, skinsafe eucalyptus essential oil spreads the aroma around, boosting your mood and relieving muscle pain.

Best Smelling Essential Oil: Peppermint

Skinsafe Peppermint Essential Oil

This essential oil helps improve your clarity and focus. It boosts energy and provides relief from sore muscles. When applied to your skin, it reduces anxiety while improving blood circulation. Skinsafe peppermint essential oil is also beneficial when used on your wrist, neck and behind your ears, particularly when experiencing nausea or headache.




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