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How to make my diffuser last longer? Part 2 - Why does my reed diffuser stop smelling

What could be more relaxing than aromatherapy, and what could be more relaxing than an essential oil diffuser? When using a diffuser for the first time, you may have some questions regarding how to use essential oils in diffusers, like how to make your diffuser last longer. Gradually, you may find that your reed diffuser has stopped smelling, and you start to wonder why. Different factors may affect, for example, using the correct essential oil or using your diffuser correctly. 

Reed diffusers are the safest way to keep your home smelling good. A scented candle, air diffuser, or electric diffuser is good too, but they involve some amount of risk as there is a flame or electricity and cords involved. It can be hazardous when you have kids around. If you are having issues with your diffuser, let us help you solve those. Here, we will explain how to keep your reed diffuser smelling stronger and longer.

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Why can't I smell my reed diffuser?

A huge possibility for why you can’t smell your reed diffuser is that you have gotten too used to the oil diffuser’s fragrance. This is known as sensory adaptation. The reed diffuser is most likely still working, and anyone who comes in for the first time in your room is going to be able to smell it. So, if you want to be able to enjoy the smell as much as you did on the first day of using it, you have to know ways to make the smell stronger. 

If you really can’t smell the fragrance at all, perhaps your reed diffuser needs some care. It can be solved simply by swirling the essential oil bottle or flipping the reed sticks. Your reed diffuser may have stopped smelling because the reeds have clogged. This can happen due to dust and pollution.


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What to do when your reed diffuser stops working?

There are various reasons why your reed diffuser has stopped working. We have compiled a list of six helpful hints for extending the life of a reed diffuser. They will ensure that you get the most out of your essential oil diffuser benefits. 


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Tip 1: Put it in a place with high foot traffic

You should pay attention to the correct placement of your aroma diffuser. It should ideally be placed in high-traffic areas of your home. A high-foot-traffic area is one where people pass frequently, causing the air to flow continuously. If you place your reed diffuser there, the air will help to properly disperse the fragrance. Shiora Signature Scent Saturn Icefall Reed Diffuser has a great, cheerful, and welcoming smell that you can place in a high-foot traffic area. 


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Tip 2: Put it in a room that has a moderate temperature

The room temperature is the biggest determining factor in how long the essential oil in your room diffuser will last. A moderately warm temperature is best for a scent to develop and move. You might notice that a reed diffuser works better in the summer than in the winter. So what you can do is place your diffuser in a room with a moderate temperature or where there is sunlight warming up the room. You can also place it above a radiator, but remember, this will also use up more essential oil than required.

Why don’t you try this with the warm-smelling Shiora Jupiter Spice Scent Reed Diffuser? A 100-ml bottle of this should last for about two to three months. But you can see how temperature affects longevity by using it in places with varying temperatures!


tip 3 put it in a not-so-big place

Tip 3: Put it in a not-so-big place

It is quite difficult to keep a big place smelling good. You will need a big diffuser and more reed sticks. Using more reeds will speed up the completion of your reed diffuser. Most reed diffusers cannot cover the area of a big room. You have to consider buying a big diffuser specifically made for a large room or space. You might also have to use multiple diffusers for a large space and a lot more essential oils to cover the area.


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Tip 4: Turn a few of your reed diffuser sticks

A quick way to get more scent from your reed diffuser is to turn the sticks. When you do this, the readjusting of the diffuser sticks bumps up the diffusion procedure. Remember to place a towel below while you flip or turn the reed sticks. It will prevent oil from spilling on the surface and also help wipe the bottle. Turn the reeds once every week; it mixes the ingredients and makes the smell stronger. Alternatively, you can also swirl the bottle slowly.


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Tip 5: Use fiber reed sticks

Fiber Reed Diffuser Sticks are the best sticks to use for home diffusers. We recommend against using bamboo reeds. Bamboo reeds might look more appealing, but their nodes get clogged too quickly. Fibre reed sticks are high-performing sticks and have higher absorption and storage capacities. The fragrance gets diffused along the length, and the channels release it steadily. 


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Tip 6: Put more reeds, but not too much

Sometimes using one reed stick is enough to get the desired fragrance, but often you might need to use more. When you want a more intense smell, you can add more reeds. But going overboard will be a waste of the products. Ideally, you should not put more than five reed sticks in the diffuser bottle. But if your diffuser is in a large room, you can add more reed sticks until the smell covers the entire area. Although adding more reeds will result in a stronger smell, it will also result in a faster diffusion rate of the oil.


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Some reasons why your reed diffuser oil is evaporating too fast

  • Low-performing reeds that do not disperse the fragrance at a steady pace.
  • Low-quality oil containing a high amount of alcohol.
  • The diffuser is kept in quite a warm place like in direct sunlight or close to the room heater.
  • The diffuser is placed where there is a house draft.
  • Using too many reeds.
  • Flipping the reeds too frequently.


Parting suggestion:

Poor quality is a common cause of a diffuser not lasting long or a reed diffuser not smelling. If you buy a cheap diffuser or essential oil, you can end up with low-quality products. Have a look at the Shiora aromatherapy products, which are suited for every budget; find high-quality, luxurious pure essential oils and aroma diffuser Singapore.

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