10 Tips how to organize your desk for the best performance

10 Tips how to organize your desk for the best performance

10 Tips how to organize your desk for the best performance

Your home office desk or computer desk at the office is where you spend most of your day. It is important that your desk must be organised appropriately. Keeping your desk in an orderly manner helps in improving your efficiency. You can work more comfortably and find things easily.

This is easier said than done because most people tend to have a messy desk. If your writing table is cluttered then you will find it challenging to work effectively. It is vital that you clean up and organize your desk. If you have always wanted to do this but didn’t know how to start, this guide is perfect for you.

We will tell you how to organize your desk at home or office in the most efficient way. Go through the simple and practical tips given below. They will help you organize your desk in the best way possible, so your performance is more efficient.


1. Assess the necessity of your stuff

Assess the necessity of your stuff

The first thing to do while organizing your desk is to take a hard look at all that you have on your desk. Assess whether you really need all that stuff. Ruthlessly get rid of stuff you don’t need, so your table can be better organized.

Move things you don’t regularly use into a cupboard. Sort out things on your table so you only have things you require for daily use.



2. Know your workflow and follow it

Know your workflow and follow it

You know your workflow, so organize your table accordingly. Keep things available where you need them. When you organize your work as per your workflow, you become more organized. Is right side easier for you to reach? Where do you likely keep your stationeries at? It's okay to follow your flow; make your desk yours.

You can keep little boxes or bins on your table to separate things done and things to do. It makes your workflow easier. You can also add to-do notes to be more organized


3. Make space for essential tasks

Make space for important tasks

Just as you prioritize your work, prioritize the items you have on your work desk. Certain important tasks need to be done first. Ensure everything needed for the task is readily available on your table.

Temporarily move other things away so you can work freely. When you have sufficient space on the table, you can work comfortably without being distracted.


4. Less visual clutter is better for focus

Less visual clutter is better for focus

Visual clutter is when there are too many things on your table. When stuff is not organized correctly, it can make you feel overwhelmed. The table would look chaotic, which can bring down your efficiency.

Reduce visual clutter by reorganizing papers and notes. Arrange things in proper order. Keep paper in a folder or in a bin, so you can reduce the visual clutter.


5. Design with more personal touch

Design with a more personal touch

Your worktable is where you spend a lot of time. Make it look visually appealing by using design elements. Add a personal touch, so the table looks homely and puts you in a better mood to work.

Keep a small framed family photo. Add some artwork done by you or a family member. Adding flowers or greenery through a vase or small pot can enhance the visual appeal of your work desk.


6. Tidy up using digital tools

Tidy up using digital tools

Apart from a physical clean-up, you must also do a digital cleanup. Make use of digital tools to tidy up your paper clutters. These devices are a part of your worktable and need to be organized to help you work better.

Clean up your notes, so that only things you need are present. Use tools like the calendar app and digital notes to have more space on your desk.


7. Have space for legroom

Have space for legroom

Legroom is very important. You need space to stretch your legs. Keep your legs moving so blood circulation is not affected. Don’t keep anything below the table. Use a small side table instead.

Ideally, you need a minimum of 20 inches of space for your knees and 24 inches for your feet. This ensures better comfort while working.


8. Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning

Clean your table thoroughly by removing everything you don’t need. Once your table is cleaned, ensure it remains clean. Dust can accumulate over time. Papers and books can also pile up.

Clean your table regularly, at least once weekly, so it remains organized. Don’t miss the daily dusting since dust can damage your computer and also worsen any allergies you may have.


9. Place Scented items  of your choice

Place Scented items of your choice

A great way to improve your performance is using aromatherapy's power. Place scented items on your desk and let the scents uplift your mood so you can work better. There are various types of scented items you can use. A reed diffuser is one such product that can create a pleasant aroma.

If you want to avoid using a flame near your desk, use an essential oil diffuser. Shiora reed diffuser comes with a bottle containing essential oils. Place reed sticks in the bottle to get a fragrant scent. It is a handy product that is easy to use as a home fragrance, and it does not have a distracting appearance to disturb your workflow.


Different scents for different purposes

When you use scents in your workspace, they can contribute to your work efficiency. It is proven that using a scent diffuser with different essential oils can offer different benefits.

If you want to be more focused and improve your ability to concentrate, you can use eucalyptus oil.

Use lemongrass oil in your room diffuser to create a positive mood and be energised while working.

If you are in the mood for brainstorming, use a peppermint scent. It can help invigorate your mind and stimulate you to think better.

Lavender can help you feel calm when you are under any stress.



Start following these tips from today, so your desk can be better organized, making you more focused and productive. You can start by getting scented items for your desk. Visit Shiora home fragrance Singapore to learn more about the products we offer and how they can help you. 

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