Get Creative With These Unique Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

Get Creative With These Unique Mother's Day Gifting Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about what to get for mom this year. Sure, flowers and chocolates are classic gifts that never fail to put a smile on any mom's face. But why not think outside of the box and get her something really unique?

At SHIORA Home Fragrance, we are dedicated to creating a range of natural, pure aromatherapy scents for you to enjoy and relax in. As such, our creative gifting ideas include a variety of scents that can bring you and your mom closer together this Mother's Day in Singapore. We have something special for every type of mom – whether she loves a strong scent or prefers something more subtle.

So, read on if you're looking for fun, creative ideas on how to spoil your mom this Mother’s Day with the perfect scent!


Unique Scented Candles for Mom

Unique Scented Candles for Mom

What better way to show your mom some love this Mother's Day than with something as unique and special as her own scent? As with any occasion, a gift of aroma can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your mom, and remind her of the special relationship the two of you share.

In Singapore, there are plenty of creative scented-gifting options that can make for a memorable Mother's Day. For starters, why not consider getting customizable scented candles for your mom? You can choose from a range of scents and colours that would appeal to her taste—think calming lavender or energising citrus—and add heartfelt messages or names in glittering wax letters. Not only will these make your mom feel extra loved and special, they also add an extra dose of class to any room.


Relaxing Diffusers for Every Room

Relaxing Diffusers for Every Room

Surprise your mom with a unique gift idea this Mother's Day - an aromatic diffuser! Diffusers are easy to use, and the lovely scent can help to reduce stress after a long day. This may be just what your mom needs to really unwind.

Plus, with a wide range of scents available, you can get creative and create unique combinations for each room in your mom’s house. For example, you could use lavender for her living room, sandalwood peppermint reed diffuser in her bedroom and lemongrass in her bathroom. Or if your mom loves floral scents, why not try rosemary or jasmine for a more romantic atmosphere?

The best part is that these diffusers are adjustable so she can control the intensity of the aroma to suit her preference. This way, you can be sure that your Mom will enjoy this thoughtful gift for years to come!


Luxurious Essential Oil Sets

Luxurious Essential Oil Sets

This Mother's Day, why not give your mom the gift of Aromatherapy? SHIORA Home Fragrance offers an extensive range of unique Essential Oil Sets that make for a unique and thoughtful gift. All our products are made with natural and pure ingredients, picked to ensure your mom enjoys optimal relaxation.

Each Essential Oil Set comes in its own classy box, filled with a variety of products that will pamper your mom. Every set contains our signature éclat fragrance diffuser that is made from natural essential oils, chosen for their relaxing scents. These sets come with unique aromatherapy blends that are known to promote stress relief and well-being. And to top it off, every set comes with a complimentary gratitude card as a token of appreciation.

So give your mom something special this Mother's Day—a SHIORA Home Fragrance Essential Oil Set!


Refreshing Room Mists & Rollerballs

Refreshing Room Mists & Rollerballs

If mom can never get enough of home scents, there is something special to make this Mother's Day extra special. Refreshing Room Mists & Rollerballs are an ideal gift for any mom who adores the freshness of natural ingredients and the soothing aroma.

Looking for something light and sweet? Choose from a selection of invigorating mists that use only natural ingredients like chamomile, bergamont essential oil and eucalyptus oil to provide a captivating scent.

Not sure which scent to choose for your mom? These sets come with multiple scents so she can choose her favourite! The way she uses our products is also flexible: she can spray it onto the walls or into a diffuser. Or if it's on-the-go scent needs, our rollerballs make it easy to carry around in her bag!

Give mom something unique with Refreshing Room Mists & Rollerballs this Mother's Day!


Shiora Special Gift Sets for Indulgent Pampering

Special Gift Sets for Indulgent Pampering

Treat mom to an indulgent pampering session with SHIORA Home Fragrance's special gift sets this Mother's Day. Whether she needs a luxurious scent for her home, a calming fragrance for her office, or something that will bring her into a zen state of mind, SHIORA Home Fragrance has got you covered!

Zestful Citrus Gift Set

Help your mom start her day with the zestful citrus gift set. Get a combination of sweet orange, lemongrass and citronella essential oils can help to uplift mood and energy levels! It comes with a diffuser and reed sticks, plus two complimentary 15ml essential oils for further customisation.

Tranquillity Garden Gift Set

Let mom unwind at the end of the day with the tranquil garden gift set. Get a soothing combination of reed diffusers of peppermint, bergamot and lavender essential oils can help to encourage relaxation. It also comes with a diffuser and reed sticks.

Touch of Nature Gift Set

We have reed diffusers of natural fragrances and unique fragrances - White Apple Flowers & Lilac (a warm floral blend), Bergamot & Musk (an earthy masculine blend), and Peonies & Pearls (a refreshingly fruity blend). Perfect for any room in your home that needs a touch of luxury!


Spoil Her With Luxurious Spa Treatments & Products

Spoil Her With Luxurious Spa Treatments & Products

Spoil your mom this Mother's Day by treating her to luxurious spa treatments and products. You can find a range of beautiful and relaxing products from SHIORA Home Fragrance, made with natural and pure aromatherapy ingredients. These products are thoughtfully curated with you in mind, so you understand what your mom truly needs.

From relaxing lavender scent to soothing chamomile, there's an array of scents that she won't be able to resist. Here are some ideas:

  1. Get her a set of candles with essential oils that will transport her to a relaxing paradise with just one whiff! The candles come in five signature scents: Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Chamomile.

  2. Give her a massage oil or body butter scented like the most delightful gardenias to give her the ultimate spa experience without leaving home!

  3. Let the soothing scent of tuberose fill the air while she baths in our decadent bubble bath or shower gel — perfect for a private moment of relaxation and self-care!

  4. Spread love around with one of our home fragrances diffusers — choose from Eucalyptus, Lemongrass or Orange Blossom for an uplifting scent in any room!

These are just some unique Mother's Day gift ideas for you to show your mom how much you care this special day! Pamper your mom this Mother's day with SHIORA Home Fragrance and let the fragrant aroma work its magic on her senses!


Show Her the Beauty of Nature With Flower Arrangements

Show Her the Beauty of Nature With Flower Arrangements

Sometimes, a handwritten card isn't enough to show your mom how much you care. Why not impress her with something special and unique, like a flower arrangement? It's the perfect way to make Mother's Day extra special, while also adding a nice scent to her home.

There are some gorgeous flower arrangements to help you say "I love you" on Mother's Day. Get Singapore-grown fresh flowers and combine them with our signature aromatherapy scents, so your mom can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils.

Flower arrangements are carefully crafted using only the freshest and most fragrant flowers available. Combine roses, orchids, chrysanthemums and other popular blossoms for an eye-catching display that'll stay fresh for days on end. Plus, each bouquet is paired with one of our specially blended scents for an extra touch of relaxation—how thoughtful is that?

With flower arrangements, your mom can enjoy not only the sight and smell of beautiful blooms but also a calming aroma therapy session every day.




Crafting the perfect Mother’s Day gift isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. With SHIORA Home Fragrance, you can get creative with our unique range of scents and make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day.

Don’t worry about whether your gift is unique or special enough for your mom. SHIORA Home Fragrance products are perfect for special occasions like Mother’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a calming lavender scent, a sweet honey fragrance, or an uplifting eucalyptus scent, we have options that combines all these beautiful aromas.

Take your time, and make your mom’s day even more special with SHIORA Home Fragrance’s unique scents. Let our handcrafted scents captivate her senses and give her the relaxation she deserves.

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