Shiora blog Voyage to the Universe - Does Space Have Smell? Uncover the Mystery of the Outer Space Scents

Voyage to the Universe - Uncover the Mystery: Does Space Have Smell?

It has yet to be determined for sure what space smells like. We've sent satellites and robots out there, but they have yet to come back with a definitive answer. Some people say it smells like burnt metal, while others claim it smells of ozone or nothing at all. But what if we could find out for sure? What would space smell like? 

And more importantly, why does it matter? Join us as we explore the strange and fascinating world of outer space's signature scent! You can also send personalized gifts for her with these scents.

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Does space have smell and what does space smell like?

Despite popular belief, space does have a distinct scent. Molecules likely cause the odor noticed by astronauts from materials on the spacecraft's surface being released into the vacuum of space and subsequently being brought back into the spacecraft during re-entry.

We can't smell space because our noses don't work in a vacuum. However, astronauts have reported that they can detect a faintly metallic smell—similar to welding fumes—on their spacesuits after the airlock has been repressurized.

It has also been suggested that microorganisms and organic compounds brought along by astronauts may contribute to this unique smell. Scientists are currently conducting experiments with expanded versions of their equipment used for smelling plants on Earth to investigate further and understand the scent of space.

While it may not be particularly pleasant to us Earth-dwellers, it reminds us of humanity's ongoing exploration and curiosity about the great unknown beyond our planet.


How big is the universe?

The universe is incredibly vast, and scientists are still trying to understand its complexities. One thing that is known for sure is that the universe is expanding. Even more fascinating is the possibility that we may one day be able to detect life forms based on their scent since scent molecules travel through space much more easily than light does. 


Mystery of the smells in outer space

Mystery of the Outer Space Scents lunar aroma blog image

The moon smells; astronauts call it a Lunar Aroma

According to astronaut accounts, the lunar surface emits a scent reminiscent of burnt gunpowder. This surprisingly specific aroma is caused by oxidation, which causes moondust to slowly burn without producing smoke or flames. 

The unique odor of moondust isn't the only surprising scent astronauts have encountered in space; plastic materials and metal hardware also emit distinctive smells when exposed to vacuum conditions. Next time you look up at the moon, remember that it likely has its unmistakable fragrance wafting through the airless vacuum of space.


Mystery of the Outer Space Scents blog image sagittarius B2

Sagittarius B2 smells like raspberries

Sagittarius B2 is a molecular cloud located in the constellation of Sagittarius. The cloud has a mass of about 10,000 solar masses and is composed of gas and dust. Located near the center of the Milky Way, it is one of the most active star-forming regions in our galaxy.

The cloud has been the target of several observational campaigns to study its characteristics in detail.

It is a celestial marvel containing ethyl formate—the same chemical that gives raspberries their sweet, tart flavor. 

And if that wasn't enough to tantalize your taste buds, Sagittarius B2 also emits a scent reminiscent of rum. These molecules may seem out of place in the frigid vacuum of space, but they are actually quite common in interstellar clouds, where they form through chemical reactions between carbon-based molecules and alcohols.


Mystery of the Outer Space Scents blog image mars

What does mars smell like?

Mars smells like hydrogen sulfide or like rotten eggs. This is likely due to sulfur compounds in the soil and atmosphere, with pockets of volcanic activity also contributing to the pungent smell. While the smell may not be pleasant, it provides valuable insight into the composition and geology of Mars.

Mars, the fourth planet from the sun, has long captivated humanity with its potential for life and its similarities to Earth. With a thin atmosphere and evidence of liquid water on its surface, Mars has become a top destination for future exploration and potential colonization. 

Its surface is filled with volcanoes, canyons, and dried lake beds, providing insight into the dramatic geological history of the planet.

Future missions will continue to search for evidence of past or present microbial life on Mars while also studying its atmosphere and potential for sustaining human life. Mars continues to be a fascinating subject in astronomy and space exploration, offering unique opportunities to discover more about our solar system and our place in the universe.


Mystery of the Outer Space Scents blog image about saturn

Saturn's largest satellite; Titan moon

Saturn's largest moon is Titan. It is also the second largest moon in the solar system and larger than Saturn's two other large moons, Rhea and Enceladus. Titan is unique among all moons in the solar system because it has a dense nitrogen-rich atmosphere.

A strong smell of musky sweetness, bitter almonds, gasoline, and decomposing fish will likely fill the air if you visit Saturn's largest satellite- Titan. With a dense atmosphere, hydrocarbon lakes, and extreme weather conditions, Titan is always changing and provides plenty of opportunities for new smells.


Mystery of the Outer Space Scents blog image about jupiter

The largest planet of the solar system; Jupiter is deadly

The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is also one of the most deadly. With a diameter that's over 11 times that of Earth, Jupiter has more than enough mass to hold on to a powerful magnetic field. The combination of these features makes Jupiter a very dangerous place for both manned and unmanned spacecraft.

Jupiter's powerful magnetic field creates intense radiation belts that can easily destroy electronics. And with temperatures that reach well above 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the atmosphere is full of deadly gases like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. These gases can quickly overwhelm any spacecraft unlucky enough to venture too close to Jupiter.

And yes, Jupiter has a smell. The lighter layer of gas smell is ammonia, while the deeper layer is a mixture of ammonia and rotten egg. This unpleasant odor is caused by compounds like hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, which are produced by the interaction of Jupiter's hot atmosphere with its icy moon Europa.


Mystery of the Outer Space Scents blog image about galaxy

Some gas cloud smells like our favourite drinks

Yes, it's true! Some gas clouds smell like our favourite drinks. Scientists have even identified the types of drinks that certain gases resemble. For example, one gas cloud smells like raspberry, while another smells like rum.

It still needs to be clarified why this is the case, but it's thought that the aromas are caused by chemicals called ethyl formate.


 Mystery of the Outer Space Scents blog image about dying stars

Stars that smell like barbeque

Certain stars give off a smell that is reminiscent of barbeque. Scientists believe this is due to the molecules that make up the star's atmosphere.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs for short, are a type of compound typically found in space. When a star dies, and massive clouds of matter are ejected into the hot vapors, PAHs can form. These large molecules often carry aromas ranging from sweet barbeque to burning coals to petrol.

While scientists have not been able to identify all of the molecules responsible for the barbeque smell, they have identified some of them. These molecules are all responsible for giving off a strong smell of sulfur.


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The universe is filled with many scents that humans have not discovered. Scientists believe space smells like a combination of pleasing scents like roses and violets mixed with gunpowder. 

However, the jury is still out on whether the space has a smell. Even though we may not be able to experience the odors of space firsthand, we can still explore the universe through other senses. 


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