Relationships between zodiac signs, horoscopes, and their ruling planets

Relationships between zodiac signs, horoscopes, and their ruling planets

zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of Aries shiora voyage collection mars

Ruling planets of Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Its ruling planet is the red planet Mars. In Roman tradition, Mars is the God of War. It is a planet associated with action. As a planet, Mars shows traits like passion and energy. It offers an aggressive trait, one that can help you pursue your goals with determination. 

The ruling planet, Mars, ensures Aries people are filled with energy. This makes them eager to prove themselves, which is why they are good at leadership roles. If your star sign is Aries, go forth and advance to your goals.


What does it mean for everyone during Aries season?

Aries season is the period from March 21st to April 19th. Aries is represented by the ram with strong horns that charge at the world to take on challenges. The season is an excellent time to start something new. If you want to start a new venture or work to achieve a new goal, this is the time to do it.

Aries is associated with lemongrass scent. You can use it as your signature scent during this season, which will help you keep your spirits and energy levels high. 


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of Taurus shiora voyage collection venus

Ruling planets of Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the romantic planet, Venus. Taureans are romantic by heart, and they like pleasure and luxury. The domination of Venus ensures Taureans are sensual in nature. It is one of the earth signs which keeps them grounded. They aspire for material things, and they love a life of luxury.

Taureans are good at loving. Once they love someone, they show a deep commitment and are very loyal. People born in this sign exhibit signs of beauty. It may not necessarily be physical beauty, but there is an element of beauty associated with them.


What does it mean for everyone during Taurus season?

Taurus season is from the 20th of April to the 19th of May. This is the time when ‘love’ is the ruling factor. It is not about falling in love but doing what you love. If you want to do something you are passionate about, this could be a good time to do it. You can enjoy getting pampered during this season.

Taurus is associated with Venus Rain scent. You can use a home fragrance with chocolate scent in a home fragrance diffuser. Inhaling this scent will allow you to relax and enjoy a pleasant sensory experience. 


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of gemini shiora voyage collection mercury

Ruling planets of Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. As a planet, Mercury is associated with wit and powerful communication abilities. There is also a strong desire to learn new things. Gemini has all these traits of Mercury. Gemini is an air sign and is intellectual and social in nature.

In Roman mythology, Mercury was considered the messenger of the Gods. So, it is no wonder the planet is strongly associated with communication. Gemini is good with the gift of the gab and can intellectually convince others of their way of thinking. 


What does it mean for everyone during Gemini season?

The season of Gemini is from the 21st of May to the 20th of June. Mercury has innate energy, and in this season, it syncs with the Sun. The result is increased energy. This is the time when you can use your intellectual abilities and communication skills to achieve something. There are many possibilities opening up for the future.

You will have renewed confidence in doing things. Gemini can inspire you to learn something or read something interesting. If problem-solving is your area of expertise, you can go ahead and do it with aplomb during this period. 

Go for a light honey scent in this season for your home. Surround yourself with positivity and get more inspirations.


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of cancer shiora voyage collection the moon


Ruling planets of Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the moon, and the moon controls the rides. The moon causes rises and falls in emotions in Cancerians. Compared to many other signs, Cancer is sensitive and can change moods. The moon is a mother figure; hence, Cancer is associated with family ties and taking care of others.

Cancer seeks comfort and safety, resulting from the moon association. It is an empathic sign, and Cancerians care a lot for others. Their caring disposition gives them a nurturing ability.


What does it mean for everyone during Cancer season?

Cancer season is from the 21st of June to the 22nd of July. Cancer sign is associated with sandalwood scent. You can use a scent diffuser to inhale sandalwood smell to provide you with the comfort you are looking for. Cancer season is linked with changing moods and can be a roller coaster ride. 

This season can help you make your relationships even stronger if you can manage your mood. This is a water sign and gives a feeling of intuition, making you wise. The cancer season is the right time to express all your feelings. 


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of leo shiora voyage collection the sun


Ruling planets of Leo

Leo, the lion, is ruled by the Sun. It is a powerful sign considering the planet ruling it is at the centre of our solar system. The Sun is bright, and so is Leo. People born under this sign are vibrant and full of enthusiasm and energy. The Sun is also a sign of the self. Leos want to be at the centre of everything.

Leo is confident, full of positivity, and sure of themselves. This gives Leo a great chance to succeed in all that they do. Leo is in touch with themselves and understands who they are. This gives them their trademark confidence.


What does it mean for everyone during Leo season?

The season of Leo is from 23rd July to 22nd August. Leo season gives everyone a chance to look inwards and connect with themselves. It is the time when you can reflect and evaluate your strengths and abilities.

Being a fire sign, Leo is hot and ready for action. This is the time to be confident, stand up for yourself, and do something good that can change your life. Leo is associated with lavender scent. Use a home scent with French lavender and enjoy the royal sensory experience that Leo deserves. 


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of virgo shiora voyage collection mercury

Ruling planets of Virgo

Just like Gemini, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury. While Mercury has long been associated with communication, it also is known for logic and reasoning. Virgo is able to think logically and is also highly observant. It is an earth sign that gives them the ability to focus on the details. It also helps them find errors quickly.

Virgo is discerning and wants everything to be well organized. They also prefer neatness, whether at home or work. This trait helps them be good planners and organizers. They can get things done meticulously. 


What does it mean for everyone during Virgo season?

Virgo season spans from 23rd August to 22nd September. Mercury Honey is the scent for Virgo, being the most suitable scent to get things organized. The scent will help you be more focused and easily put things in order. This is the season for planning and organizing things.

The Virgo influence will help you get things done. If you have been avoiding doing something, then this is the time when you can take it up. While Virgo loves to care for others, this season, spend some time caring for yourself too.


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of libra shiora voyage collection venus


Ruling planets of Libra

Libra is associated with Venus, the planet associated with love. It governs two signs, Taurus (an earth sign) and Libra (an air sign). Libra is represented by scales that represent a balance in life. This balancing ability helps Libra create a partnership at work or home. It loves harmony, which is a trait of Venus.

Libra has an aesthetic side and appreciates things of beauty. The balancing ability allows Libra to be a good mediator. Librans are honest and fair and make sure that the people they love are protected. They are known for being good friends. 


What does it mean for everyone during Libra season?

Since Libra is associated with balancing and friendship, this season is a good time to catch up with friends. The season runs from September 23rd to October 22nd. During this season, don’t miss the chance to rejuvenate your social life. Meet up with friends or attend parties and events during this period

It is the time for peace and ensuring a harmonious balance in your life. Work-life balance is essential; during this season, put in the effort to manage your work-life balance better. Have an open mind so that things will go well. Use Venus Rain and beautify your space, including the air of your surroundings.


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of scorpio shiora voyage collection mars


Ruling planets of Scorpio

Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, the planet that is far away from the Sun. Traditionally, Mars has been associated with darkness, death, and all things bleak. This is why Scorpio loves things that are mysterious and supernatural. It looks at things beneath the surface and does not settle for the superficial.

Mars would like to explore the unknown. They want to explore areas that are uncharted and not known. Mars is also associated with intensity, and this water sign can be very powerful. It crushes opponents and achieves goals. 


What does it mean for everyone during Scorpio season?

Scorpio season runs from the 23rd of October to 21st November. The season is the time to unravel mysteries. This is not about the mysteries of the world but resolving the mysteries in your life. You need to unravel the mysteries in your life and try to bring about a resolution to them.

Pluto gives you the power to intensely do things. So, it is the time for you to take up challenges to accomplish. There is also an element of connection with Scorpio. So, look at connecting with a romantic interest during this season.


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of sagittarius shiora voyage collection jupiter


Ruling planets of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the king of the Gods. Jupiter has been considered to be the planet of good luck and fortune. Sagittarians are usually lucky and are on the move. They are doers who like to get things done but also put in a lot of thought before action. Sagittarians are energetic and full of positivity.

This makes people like them, and at work, they can inspire others on the job. Sagittarius also likes to travel, so they can learn new things and meet new people. They have a thirst for inner growth that makes them unique. 


What does it mean for everyone during Sagittarius season?

The season of Sagittarius runs from 22nd November to 21st December. Sagittarius is associated with citronella smell. If you inhale this scent daily, it will help deepen your desire to explore and learn. During this season, don’t stop asking questions. The quest for knowledge and information will help you achieve your goals.

Use this season to get new experiences in life. This is the season to do things that you consider adventurous. There may be some disorder, but take it as a challenge to explore new things.


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of capricorn shiora voyage collection saturn


Ruling planets of Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. The planet with rings stands for hard work and being determined. It also makes Capricorn responsible. Among all the planets, it is believed that Saturn is a tough taskmaster. This makes Capricorn someone who is tough and tries to keep everyone in line. Capricorns are not tough just on others but also on themselves.

A key feature of Capricorn is their ability to learn from mistakes. This makes them someone who can keep improving. This is why if you are making a team, you should definitely have a few Capricorns on the team. 


What does it mean for everyone during Capricorn season?

Capricorn season is from December 22nd to 19th January. This season is one of the most important times of the year. It is the festive season when people are busy with celebrations and holidays. It is also the time to introspect and look at the year that passed by. It is an excellent opportunity to learn lessons from mistakes committed.

It is also the time to make new resolutions. The determination of Capricorn makes it easy to set achievable solutions. It has rebellious energy that will make you do things differently.


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of aquarius shiora voyage collection saturn


Ruling planets of Aquarius

Aquarius is traditionally ruled by the planet Saturn. This air sign is one that challenges the current order. They always look for changes and can get sudden inspiration to come out with new ideas. The significant feature of Aquarius is that it avoids tradition and looks at modernity. It tries to come out with new ideas.

Saturn has a special energy. Aquarius can make best use of this energy by thinking out of the box and coming out with innovations. The planet will support such actions. It helps you promote your interests.


What does it mean for everyone during Aquarius season?

The Aquarius season occurs during the period from January 20th to February 18th. Aquarius season can help you connect to your unconventional side. As already mentioned, Aquarius shuns the traditional. If you ever wanted to do something non-traditional and out of the box, then this is the time to do it.

If you have had any wild idea that you were always hesitant to try, then do it now. The Aquarius season is the best time to do things that otherwise seem wacky. Pursue your interests and passion, and things will turn out to be different for you.


zodiac signs horoscopes ruling planets of pisces shiora voyage collection jupiter


Ruling planets of Pisces

The last zodiac sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the King of the Gods. An exciting thing about Juliter is that the planet represents the imaginary realm. It is connected strongly with the spiritual. Pisceans live in a dream world and prefer to escape from daily life.

The spiritual side of Pisces gives it the ability to connect to others. Pisceans can be very wise and highly empathetic. This helps them build a solid emotional connection with others.


What does it mean for everyone during Pisces season?

Pisces season is from February 19th to March 20th. The season brings in the Jupiter effect and allows you to be sensitive towards others. The water sign enhances your feelings and gives you more intuition. This season is the time for you to experience emotions deeply.

The strong emotions associated with Pisces make it the time for you to vent your emotions. If you are bottling emotions, let them go now. This will help you become stronger and be ready to take on the challenges the world would throw at you. Your perception will give you the ability to help others.


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