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The Wilford Travel Scent

Looking to experience the lifestyle of living in an estate in Wilford or being a Westin living in the west of England? If you answered yes, then The Wilford Scent is curated specifically for you. The world-class travel scent is a natural and unique combination of pomelo, jasmine, sweet orange and bits of sage note with a lingering strong aroma. This light spicy citrus scent is best for reducing stress and easing tension.

Bring the vacay right to your home by simply spritzing The Wilford Scent in your home to appreciate the East and West of England! Kick back, close your eyes, relax and imagine you are in England enjoying the wind breezing through. The Wilford scent promotes better mental health by relaxing your mind and calming your nerves during stressful situations.

A positive scent that helps to boost your mood while at home or before you leave home.

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