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The Mandarin Travel Scent

Inspired by the aroma of Oriental Style, its fragrances share citrusy tea notes but vary based on a unique sense of place and identity, featuring a scent that captures the main signature, Mandarin blossom tea. Notes of sweet orange, tea, and cypress filter through the corridors of guest room floors.

The inspired classy fragrance of The Mandarin Travel Scent is brought to you by Shiora. The scent envelops you with fresh notes of yuzu, Osmanthus, sweet orange, lemon, exotic aroma of vetiver and grapefruit mixed into a unique blend.

To Recharge & Energize:
Here is a get recipe that offers stimulating yet grounding effects.
Lemon and peppermint essential oil are both great for energizing the mind and body.
This duo can be diffused together with vetiver and adds a nice depth to the blend.

It's a perfect seasonal scented gift.

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