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10ml Bottle

A designer handkerchief that allows you to put your favorite essential oil fragrance and carry the scent with you.


How to use?

1. Put a few drops of Essentia Oil on the sachet.

2. Insert the sachet in a lace pocket.

3. Bring a handkerchief in your pocket or bag to spread a fragrant aroma.

You can wash the sachets by hand again to enjoy the essential oil aromas directly from the handkerchief. Depending on the essential oil applied to the sachet, the color may remain on the sachet.

What's included?

  • Desiner Handkerchief 41 x 41 cm, 100% cotton (Sachet Designs), 50% cotton 50% linen (Themed Designs), Made in Japan
  • Essential Oil 10ml 0.34 FL OZ., 100% pure, Extracted from plants and fruits
  • Foldable Unique Gift Packaging from Japan

* Red Riding Hood/ Little Mermaid/ HIKKOMI Cat designs are without a sachet. You can put a few drops of essential oil at the corner of the handkerchief to enjoy the same result.


* This is an exclusive gift set launch in the celebration of partnership between SHIORA and CLASSICS the Small Luxury.

Classics the Small Luxury is a traditional maker brand in Japan, founded in 1879. They are specializing in exclusive design handkerchiefs created by Blooming Nakanishi, with many years of workmanship.

* Pre-order will close on the 10th December 2022 (LIMITED STOCK) and will be shipped out between 15th December 2022 - 22rd December 2022.