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This holiday, how about getting yourself and your loved ones a Reed Diffuser of a favourable scent?
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Signature Scents - The Voyage Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance

Take an adventurous journey with Shiora through this New Collection Series of Scent Reed Diffusers. The Voyage Reed Diffuser is a personalized scent reed diffuser, specially curated as a gifting option for that special someone, or simply a treat for yourself.

The eight scents are associated with stories of the universe, the galaxy, astronomy, and the mysterious secrets of astrology.


shiora singapore reed diffuser the signature destination series

For Luxury Lifestyle: Travel Series Reed Diffuser

Specially curated for a new experience, creating a sensory feeling for your home as if you are travelling to a luxury destination in countries around the world. If you love our hotel series reed diffuser, this is definitely the blend for you.


For Nature-Lovers: Aromatherapy Series Reed Diffuser

Natural scents for your home with Shiora Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser series will transform your home into a relaxing space. From citrusy smells to woody scents, all in one place! Choose your favourites today.


Small Gifts: Skinsafe Pure Essential Oil Roll-On

Compact, convenient, and easy to use; this Skinsafe Essential Oil Roll on is suitable to be in your bags all the time! Use Eucalyptus Skinsafe to clear your stuffy nose, Peppermint Skinsafe is for migraines, Lemongrass Skinsafe is a natural mosquitoes repellent, and Lavender Skinsafe will be your sleep aid.



 Exclusive Year-End Sales & Promotions You Cannot Miss in 2022

Besides, you can check out other ATTRACTIVE ONGOING PROMOTIONS that we have, such as:


Value Bundle Gift Set: 4 Essential Oil + FREE GIFT

If you want to buy pure & natural essential oils to stock up and use slowly, this bundle is for you.


Luxury Bundle of 4 Hotel Inspired Scents Reed Diffuser

An exclusive bundles for a luxury home scent is here for you. Choose your 4 luxury scents for your bedroom, guest room, working desk, and bathroom.


 Natural Scents Reed Diffuser Bundle of 4 for Your Home

Smell like home, feels like home with Shiora Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers Bundle of 4 scents for 4 rooms. Our best-seller, Lemongrass Reed Diffuser is especially useful for eliminating the bathroom odors.


 Reed Diffuser can be used to energize, motivate, or relax yourself which is the perfect choice for the coming holiday season. Especially if you are planning on some parties and events to be held for Christmas and New Year, get the Hotel inspired Reed Diffusers to welcome the guests to your home with a rich and positive aroma!

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