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Black Fibre Reed Diffuser Sticks

The best reed diffuser sticks are made of fiber, which is not hollow but has several channels inside the stem. It is these channels that suck the fragrance oil from the bottle that slowly permeates the room with wonderful scents. Pores for fiber sticks evenly distributed throughout the sticks and all sticks can have entirely the same effect.
Compared with rattan sticks, fiber sticks also have a better water absorption, stronger water storage and volatile stability.

Length of Fibre Diffuser Reed Sticks:

Short Diffuser Reed Sticks - 20cm

Long Diffuser Reed Sticks - 24cm

About Fibre Diffuser Reed Sticks:
Fiber reeds use capillary action to draw and diffuse your favourite home scent into your environment.
The short fiber diffuser reeds sticks are suitable for 50ml or 100ml Home Scent bottles or vessels up, while the long reeds sticks are suitable for 200l Home Scent bottles or vessels up.
They may be snipped according to your preference.
Over time, the reeds will get saturated and clogged, which will affect their ability to diffuse properly.
For optimal performance, rattan reeds should be replaced every 2 to 4 months.
Check out our blog post on How to make your reed diffuser last longer.
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