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Lemongrass Scent Reed Diffuser★★★★★ (5.6k sold)

Country of origin: Guatemala
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Scent Profile: Aromatic, Citral-like

The lemongrass plant has stems that are fibrous and smell like lemon. In the essential oil, lemongrass’s scent is fresh and light with a clear hint of lemon.

Lemongrass oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh or partially dried lemongrass leaves. The oil manifests itself in colour from slightly yellow to very yellow and exudes a fresh, sweet, grassy, and citrus fragrant note after distillation. Perfumers especially like its relaxing effect, which is used in aromatherapy to treat depressive conditions. Although quite similar to the lemon’s aromatic note, lemongrass is still slightly different because you can feel that grassy moment in it. It is known to create a beneficial feeling of refreshment and invigoration, affects the elimination of bad moods, and effectively boosting mental health as a whole.

Paradoxically, it can increase alertness and energy on the one hand and calm down on the other. But this is the case only with pure essential oils, not synthetic substitutes. Because natural essential oils contain substances that even when they excite the nervous system, also contain substances that calm it down so that there is no imbalance as with synthetic substitutes.

Lemongrass pure essential oils deliver a mild, sweet, and citrus-like scent with loamy undertones. Only drip the essential oil into an oil diffuser and you can feel the exhaustion leaving your body. The soothing and relaxing scent of lemongrass can also rid you of stress and tension.

Lemongrass is a tropical, grassy scent extracted from the leaves and stalks of the lemongrass plant. Lemongrass oil has a powerful citrus scent that repels most household pests. Our Lemongrass infusion is specially blended to transform a space instantly into a Balinese villa, transporting the environment into the lush, green forests of Ubud.

Lemongrass in Aromatherapy:
Lemongrass creates a relaxing atmosphere; it is a non-toxic air freshener that uplifts negative moods.

  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Refresh and renew
  • Natural insect repellent
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