Rest After Work - Aromatherapy Bundle

Every box of Shiora Reed Diffusers Includes 5x reeds sticks and one bottle of prefilled fragrance oil 

The Rest-After-Work Bundle is an aromatherapy scent bundle that consists of our two most popular scents which are Lavender and Sandalwood Peppermint. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep after work or an energy boost, so these scents will help you achieve just that.

Each bottle comes in 100ml

Aromatherapy Scent 

Lavender Scent Reed Diffuser (Popular Pick)
The lavender flower and the oil derived from it have long histories in herbal medicine. Since ancient times, the oil of lavender has been used to treat many different ailments, including stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches. nausea, and even cancer.

Sandalwood Peppermint Scent Reed Diffuser 

The woody, spicy undertones of sandalwood help in relaxing and warming. When used in a diffuser, gives off a mix of floral rich balsamic, soft and sweet accents. The woody and earthy scent help to reduce nausea and put you in a relaxed mood and it helps to energize the body and uplift your mood.
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