Our Story

Our Aromatherapy


塩ら meaning "salt", which represents cleansing and to be a preserver of purity 

To be the salt of the earth; we deliver the basic, fundamental goodness packed in each recyclable glass bottle to you.

At SHIORA, we are dedicated to create a range of natural and pure products, to bring you the sensory pleasure and relaxation that you can enjoy.
The ingredients we use are thoughtfully curated with our consumers in mind so that we understand what you truly need.
We want to share the gifts of nature with you.

shiora farm

Our Commitment

SHIORA embraces a rigorous quality control standard to help ensure that with every pure essential oil reed diffuser product you and your family uses, you are enjoying the benefits to the fullest. We want to share the gifts of nature with the world.

Aromatherapy with Natural Ingredients 

We take pride to ensure our products contain only natural botanical and bioactive ingredients to provide healing therapy and nourishment for your weary mind. Bring your reed diffuser experience into full balance. Natural essential oil reed diffuser can be yours anytime, anywhere. With everything from placing your reed diffuser beside your bedroom, living room, and workplace to transform your home and workplace with our elegantly designed reed diffuser. 

Our formulas avoid harmful toxins or synthetic silicones to ensure quality reed diffuser diffusing pure and natural fragrance. 100% natural oils are mixtures of different all-natural oils and these high-quality all-natural oil can be mixed with one or more others. These mixtures do not contain any synthetic additives. 

We Prioritize Your Rest and Relaxation

Essential oils reed diffusers can help to enhance the mood of an individual or relax an anxious mind. Whether it’s to soothe, uplift, relax or brighten your mood, discover how the wonders of our essential oils and natural aromatherapy reed diffusers can enhance your daily life. Do you know that aromatherapy and essential oils have been used by traditional medicine practitioners for decades?  These plant-derived oils are often highly fragrant and provide benefits in preprocedural stress reduction. 

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